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HxGN | SFx Asset Management

Release 6.3

SFx Asset Management 6.3 is a minor release that contains a few new features and improvements. The updated features are as follows:

Map View Applied to Probes

When a Probe is linked to a GPS Tag, its geographical location will also be displayed in the Map View. As for the portable asset to which the probe is attached, it will not be shown on the map in this case.

Previously, only portable assets which are linked to a GPS Tag can be shown on the map. Now portable assets and their accessories such as Probes both can be displayed on the map in the Asset Dashboard depending on which target is linked to a GPS Tag.

In addition, you can easily distinguish a Probe from portable assets with a green pin icon on the map. See Map View for details.

Notification Enhancements

Now you can subscribe to email notifications for wireless Pulse sensors regarding their battery level. See Notification Management for details.

New Type of Events

Added a new event source, Wireless Pulse, to the Event and Notification sources. When the battery level of wireless Pulse sensors reaches its preset limit, you can get informed by event notifications in the Event Log pane.

  • PulseBLE_Warning.PNG Pulse BLE Warning - Indicates the battery level of the wireless Pulse sensor is less than 30% but more than 10%.

  • PulseBLE_Critical.PNG Pulse BLE Critical - Indicates the battery level of the wireless Pulse sensor is less than 10%.

SFx Desktop Upgrade Notification

As an Asset Administrator role, now you can get informed by email notification when a new version of SFx Desktop is available in SFx Asset Management.