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HxGN | SFx Asset Management

Release 6.5 (April 2023)

SFx Asset Management 6.5 is a minor release that contains a few new features and improvements, as well as an upgrade to the SFx Desktop application. The updated features are as follows:

Viewing and Downloading Service Certificates

Now you can view and download service certificates of portable assets and Probes in PDF format when these documents are available. The service certificates for laser trackers, associated Probes, and Probe Tips (for AS1 only) are displayed centrally in the Service Info dialog. See Downloading a Service Certificate for details.

Also, you can find the certificates of Probes and Probe Tips associated with a laser tracker in the Probe Details and Tip List respectively. See Asset Probes for details.

Extended GPS Route History for Lite Assets

You can now view the complete route history of your portable asset on the map in the GPS Geo-location dialog after linking a GPS Tag to an asset with a Lite subscription. Previously, Only a portable asset with a PRO subscription that has been linked to a GPS Tag had permission to display the complete GPS route history. See Tracking Route History for details.


This extension only applies to the SFx Asset Management web application. For SFx Asset (mobile app for SFx Asset Management), it still has the previous restriction.

SFx Desktop Upgrades

  • Enhancements to Asset Onboarding Process

    • Now you have to connect to PC-DMIS first to onboard a CMM to your SFx account.

    • Added a new Add Asset dialog as the first step to select an asset that is connected to your computer and ready to onboard.

      In addition, you can find a red circle indicator with numbers next to each asset type item in the Add Asset drop-down menu. It indicates the type and the number of your assets that are connected and ready to onboard.

    • Now you can onboard multiple CMMs to your SFx account through the CMM onboarding process.

      Additionally, in the SFx Pulse dashboard, from the drop-down list you can switch assets that have been provisioned to check the basic information for each one.

    • Added two buttons on the Search Complete screen to remove selected assets from the discovery list.

      Alternatively, in SettingsService and interfacesPC-DMIS Interface, you can enable the option Ignore the data from PC-DMIS Offline to stop receiving data from PC-DMIS Offline.

  • Support for Programs Running on Portable Arms

    SFx Desktop now supports data transmission for measurement programs that run on portable arms. You can find program runs in the program Run History table and programs executed in the Program Executed table under Asset Dashboard and Program Dashboard.

  • By selecting multiple assets in the Recover / Reconnect dialog, you can now recover these selected assets to your SFx account once.

Additional Improvements

  • Added the GPS Tag Last Update time to the GPS Geo-Location dialog. Previously, only when the last reported Geo-location data was older than 3 hours, this field was displayed with a warning icon.

  • Cleared up duplicated data transmitted by SFx Desktop and always displays up-to-date information in the System Report.

  • Fixed the bug where the production schedule that applied to assets is removed unexpectedly when modifying a shift.

  • Added additional properties for SCE (Super Cat Eye) Reflectors, including Measurement Range Min and Measurement Range Max.