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HxGN SFx | Asset Management

Release 5.1

SFx Asset Management 5.1 is an upgraded version that contains a number of new features as well as usability and performance improvements. It includes realtime downtime tagging for an asset, customizable job acceptance rate for machine tools, and linking GPS tag to a probe. The updated features are as follows:

Realtime Downtime Tagging

Enables you to add downtime tags for assets in real time whereas formerly you could only add downtime tags to elapsed time segments on the Utilization Over Time chart. Once a realtime downtime tag is started, this tag will be populating the downtime from this moment on until the next operation event happens or another realtime tag is entered.

This feature is for PRO subscriptions only. See Realtime Downtime Tagging for details.

Downtime Analysis: Tagged and Untagged Downtime Summary

Apart from the Pareto chart, SFx Asset Management also presents summary statistics of the tagged and untagged downtime, and total downtime for all assets in the Downtime Analysis chart. This gives you a holistic and intuitive vision of the asset downtime within a specified time range and helps improve the overall asset efficiency. See Downtime Analysis for details.

To check the summary data of the tagged and untagged downtime for an individual asset, go to the Downtime Analysis chart in the Asset Detail View.

Job Acceptance Rate for Machine Tools

The Job Acceptance Rate is the percentage of jobs accepted by operators dividing the jobs completed during a time period by one or multiple part programs running on a machine tool.

Operators are able to input the number of acceptable jobs for each part program or for a whole shift (if set up) to calculate the Quality metric for a machine tool in a more accurate and controllable way (for PRO subscription only). See Job Acceptance Rate for details.

OEE Customization Options for Machine Tools

  • Availability

    The Availability metric can be calculated by selecting one or more of the following conditions. This helps in measuring the operating time of a machine tool more precisely with more flexibility.

    • Door is open

    • Spindle not turning

    • Program paused (i.e. M0/M1)

    • Speed override is less than 80%

    • Controller is in Manual Data Input (MDI)

  • Quality

    Provides an extra option to calculate the Quality metric using manually entered job acceptance value. If not checked, Quality will be computed with the general calculation formula applied to CMMs.

See OEE Customization Options for a Machine Tool for details.

Privilege Extension for Standard Users

Now the GPS (previously named Location) item is visible to standard users in the asset dropdown menu. Moreover, standard users also have the privilege to browse historical routes, add geofences and receive geofence events if a GPS Tag is linked to the asset by an asset administrator. See Asset Details about a Laser Tracker for details.

Links GPS Tag to Probe

A GPS Tag can be linked to a tracker probe, which is a type of auxiliary instrument for laser trackers, including Scanners, T-MACs, and T-Probes. After linking a GPS Tag to a probe, this probe owns all functionality of geo-location, such as linking or unlinking a GPS Tag, and route history on the map. Besides, all trackers that use this probe for measurement tasks also display it in the probe list with the GPS menu available. See Linking a GPS Tag to a Probe for details.

Program View Enhancements

  • Re-designed the program progress indicator and its calculation, and replaced it with a progress bar which dynamically indicates the progressing percentage of the current run time with a triangle marker at the right side showing the ideal execution time. Once the run time of a program exceeds the ideal execution time, a red portion will be displayed at the end of the progress bar.

  • Program Run Detail

    • Added a new evaluation type: Calculation Error in the Run Detail pane, and marked it as ERROR

    • Added sort to the Deviation column in the Dimension Details to sort dimensions by deviation values from out of tolerance to in tolerance or on the contrary

    • Changed the circular Dimension Summary chart to a bar chart and replaced OTT (Out of Tolerance) values with colored dots in the Dimension Details

    See Program Run Detail for details.

  • Added more sort conditions to the Program Dashboard to sort programs by the Ideal Execution Time, Created Date, Onboarded Date, or Last Edit Date

Changes to Notification Management

Email notifications for various levels of asset events and program events are re-defined as PRO features. You could only subscribe to email notifications for assets with PRO/PRO Trial subscriptions, and receive email notifications from programs running on assets with PRO/PRO Trial subscriptions. See Notification Management for details.

Additional Improvements

  • Chart Enhancements

    • Additional Date Options on the Asset DashboardUtilization Charts

      Previously, you could only select the date range of 1 day or 1 week. Now, you have options to browse asset utilization and OEE data for 1 month from the utilization charts on the Asset Dashboard.

    • Optimized the dropdown list in various charts with tabs and dedicated icons both on the Asset Dashboard and Detail View.

  • Laser Tracker Refinements

    • Increased the Geo-location update frequency to every hour instead of every 2 hours

    • Replaced the Location and Plant fields to the Edit this Asset screen

    • The Probe (previously called Target) icon on the Asset Controller pane is linked to Asset Probes

    • When clicking on the location pin icon from the Asset Detail View, the Map View opens with the corresponding tracker displaying in the location

    • Displays the last performed check result on the Sensor Checks chart and Field Checks chart whenever the last check is performed

  • Usability Improvements

    • Recommended Certification Date is displayed on each asset card on the Asset Dashboard and Detail View, and added to the Table View at the same time

    • Added the Dismiss All button to delete multiple banner notifications at a time

    • Added major cities alongside the UTC time to the Time Zone dropdown list in the User Preference section

    • Added the Idea Center link to the User Menu where you can bring up any thoughts or ideas about SFx Asset Management and vote for the most expected features in the community

    • Replaced the Contact Support item with Service Info for laser trackers in the asset dropdown menu, and added the Service Info item to the asset dropdown menu for CMMs and machine tools

    • Removed the Asset Detail item from the asset dropdown menu

    • Added the Online Store link to the About this Asset screen for CMMs

    • New Help center with the search function