HxGN SFx | Asset Management

Release 5.2

SFx Asset Management 5.2 is an upgraded version that contains a number of new features and improvements to the SFx Asset Management web application, as well as fixes for known issues. It includes periodical analysis report for assets, organization-wide asset settings, associated events, and last performed check indicator for laser trackers. The updated features are as follows:

My Analytics for Assets

  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Report for Assets: Provides a comprehensive report for assets with intelligent analysis of various key metrics, such as OEE, utilization, downtime, program performance, and diverse Pareto charts. It helps you gain insights into the asset efficiency and working conditions within a specified time range.

  • Report Subscriptions: By configuring the report subscription notifications in the Notification Setup section, you can subscribe to the analysis report for a specified asset or all assets on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. After configured, the asset report will be delivered to your mailbox at the expected time. See My Analytics for Assets for details.

Asset Settings

SFx Asset Management provides you with a new settings page to manage asset-related settings organization-wide. These settings apply to all assets in your organization once configured. There are two tabs:

  • Operational Status: Configures the waiting time for assets before their operational status changes to Idle. See Configuring Waiting Time for details.

  • Manage Geofences: Creates, edits, and deletes organizational geofences for laser trackers linked to a GPS Tag. You can get an overview of all organization-level geofences on this page. See Managing Geofences for details.


Only Asset Administrators have permission to configure these settings.

Realtime Downtime Tagging Enhancements

  • Realtime Tagging for a Single Asset

    • Simplified the realtime tagging process without setting up the start time or end time, and you can know which downtime tag is being added by hovering over the turning icon.

    • A newly added realtime downtime tag shows in the Utilization Over Time chart immediately along with the new downtime segment after a realtime tag is added.

    See Realtime Downtime tagging for details.

Associated Events

Added a new column Associated Events to the Run History table in the Program Detail View. It displays how many Critical or Warning events occurred on the asset during a program run execution and provides you with event details. See Associated Events for details.

Improvements to Laser Tracker Management

  • Last Performed Check Indicator: To give you a quick overview of the status of a tracker, SFx Asset Management introduces the last performed check status for laser trackers. You can get a glimpse of the tracker status by the indicator of the last performed check status in the Asset Dashboard. See Last Performed Check Status for details.

  • Tracker Settings: When you consider a new check for a laser tracker is necessary after a period of time, you can set up a period of validity for the last performed check in the Tracker Settings. When the time approaches, the status icon of the last performed check becomes yellow to remind you that a new check is needed.

New Notifications

  • Certification Notifications: Delivers email notifications to administrators when the recommended certification period of an asset is about to expire or has expired.

  • Asset Assignment Notifications: Delivers email notifications to administrators when a PRO subscription is assigned or reassigned to a new asset.

Additional Improvements

  • Upgrade to PRO

    • Optimized the Upgrade to PRO process by reminding you of the available PRO subscriptions in your organization instead of requesting a quote. Also, administrators can assign a PRO subscription to an asset directly from this process if any available. See Subscription Management for details.

    • Refined the banner notification for New asset subscription available to fit in the new Upgrade to PRO process.

  • Changes to the GPS Screen

    • Asset Administrators can create an organization-level geofence from this screen and apply it to the current asset. Besides, a Standard User can use a created organization-level geofence directly. See Setting up Geofences for details.

    • Added a GeoFences tab next to the Geo-Location tab to quickly navigate to the GeoFences section without scrolling down.

  • Calculate OEE for this asset: Changed the default settings for machine tools. Now the OEE calculation option is checked and all selectable conditions under Availability are checked by default. This ensures you can receive complete program details on this asset. Also, you can un-check any conditions manually if needed. See OEE Customization Options for a Machine Tool for details.

  • User Self-registration: Provides a link for new users to request access from Account Administrators of the registrant's organization when a new user creates a new SFx account, which has an email domain that exists in the SFx server.

  • Edit this Asset: Removed the auto-filled address from the Location field.

  • Refined the Asset Probes and Asset Compensations drop-down menus with separate tabs to make them intuitive and easy to use.

  • Added a detailed descriptive tooltip for the GPS Tag battery icon to avoid confusion.

  • Adjusted the border color of the checkbox on the Sign In page and account creation page to make it visible.

  • Help: Reduced the height of the banner on the portal, and narrowed spacings between search result items to display more search results on the current screen.