HxGN SFx | Asset Management

Release 5.0

SFx Asset Management 5.0 is a major release that consists of many new features, including asset certification indicators, configurable waiting time and bar chart colors, and traceable route history for laser trackers, as well as some usability and stability improvements. Read on for details with the links below.

Certification Indicators

Certification status indicator is added to the Asset Dashboard and Asset Detail View depending on the valid period of the Last Certification and Recommended Certification of each asset (for PRO subscription only). In addition, a Recertification Reminder event would be sent to the Event Log after the Last Certification Date is entered for an asset. See Certification Status for details.

Configurable Waiting Time

  • The time for waiting is configurable for an asset and applied to all assets in an organization (for Administrator only). See Configuring Time for Waiting for details.

  • New Asset Event

    Asset Idle – Indicates an asset is keeping in the waiting status for a certain period of time before changing to Idle

Customizable OEE Metrics

OEE metrics, including Availability, Performance, Quality, and Overall, can be opted in and displayed on the OEE pane for an individual asset based on actual requirements. See OEE Customization Options for details.

Redefined Program-related Features

Program-related features are re-defined for Lite and PRO packages, including

  • Program Dashboard

    Programs that ran on Lite assets can also be displayed on the Program Dashboard

  • Programs Executed Table

    Instead of displaying all program information for all kinds of programs, programs that ran on Lite assets will only show basic information in the Programs Executed table on the Asset Dashboard. In addition, programs that ran on Lite assets will be invisible in the Programs Executed table in the Asset Detail View

  • Run History Table

    The execution records of programs that ran on Lite assets would be unavailable in the program Run History table instead of displaying 24 hours of data

  • Program Info in the Program Detail View

    Ideal Performance % and Measurement Speed would be invisible when a program is running on a Lite asset

Chart Enhancements

  • Downtime Tag Management

    Administrators can manage downtime tags in the Manage Tags screen, including creating tags and removing tags from the Tag list.

  • Customizable Bar Chart Colors

    The colors of bar charts can be personalized for the Downtime Analysis chart. Additionally, you can get a quick preview of the customization effect through the Preview mode before actually applying it to the chart. See Customizing Bar Chart Colors for details.

  • More Improvements

    • The date stays where it is selected on the calendar instead of the current date when splitting a downtime tag from a period of days or months ago

    • Optimized the time selection control on the Add tags screen

Continuous Improvements for Laser Trackers

  • Traceable Route History

    Tracks the recent movement paths for an asset through the GPS Tag associated with it to visualize its historical routes on the map on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. See Tracking Route History for details

  • Included two new properties in the Tip Details: Tip Status, and Date of Last Use

New Features for Machine Tools

  • Machine Tool Programs in Programs View

    • CNC Programs in Programs View

      Each CNC program is identified based on the program name and the machine tool it runs on in the Programs view

    • Program Detail View for CNC Programs

      Displays the same information as a measurement program except for the Pass/Fail result in the Run History table and dimensional values in the Run Detail pane

    • New Program Filter and Sorting

      • Program Type – Sort and filter programs by program type: Measurement or CNC

    • More Information on About this Program screen

      • Program Type

        • Measurement – Indicates a measurement program that ran on CMMs

        • CNC – Indicates a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) program that ran on a machine tool

      • Software Type

        • PCDMIS – Metrology software for programs that ran on CMMs

        • MTSoftware – Machine tool software for programs that ran on machine tools

  • New E-Stop Events

    • E-Stop Released – A emergency stop is released on a machine tool

    • E-Stop Pressed – A emergency stop is triggered on a machine tool

New Subscription Notifications

Account Administrators will get email notifications in three stages when a PRO or PRO Trial subscription in an organization is about to expire

  • Stage 1: An email reminder 60 days prior to the expiry date of a PRO/PRO Trial subscription

  • Stage 2: An email reminder 30 days prior to the expiry date of a PRO/PRO Trial subscription

  • Stage 3: A final email reminder 7 days prior to the expiry date of a PRO/PRO Trial subscription


    Your PRO asset will be downgraded to Lite on the very expiry date.

SFx Connector Enhancements

  • Reinvented the GUI of asset onboarding for CMMs to keep it consistent with SFx Asset Management

  • SFx Connector can be installed in the background with a loading animation effect indicating the installation is in progress

Additional Improvements

  • Defined temperature icon behaviors for CMMs that don’t have Pulse installed but have internal axial temperature sensors

    • Green — Indicates a CMM is connected to the cloud

    • Grey — Indicates a CMM is disconnected from the cloud

    • Invisible – Indicates a CMM has neither Pulse installed nor internal axial temperature sensors

  • Usability Improvements

    • Ability to specify a custom date range up to 12 months instead of 30 days in the Utilization chart in Asset Detail View

    • Provides multi-selection check box in the Notification Setup screen to delete multiple items with one click

    • Lists the Reset Layout Settings as a separate item in the User Preferences section