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HxGN | SFx Asset Management

Release 4.2

SFx Asset Management 4.2 is an upgraded version that introduces the downtime tagging feature in the Utilization charts and brings new capabilities to laser tracker management. It also offers performance and usability improvements. Check details of the highlights with the links below.

Downtime Tagging

  • Downtime Tagging

    • Asset Administrators create customizable tags for a specific period of downtime of an asset including Idle (yellow), Error (red), and Unknown (grey) segments on the Utilization Over Time chart so that operators in the same organization could view why the asset was down both from the Asset Dashboard and Asset Detail View

      Additionally, a downtime segment can be split further into multiple smaller portions to enable you to set a tag for each one (for PRO subscription only)

    • After downtime tags are added for an asset, you’ll have one or multiple options when clicking a tagged segment on the Utilization Over Time chart on the Asset Dashboard and Asset Detail View:

      • Add Tags (for PRO subscription only)

      • Go to Program

      • Go to Asset

    See Downtime Tagging for details.

  • Downtime Analysis Chart

    Generate a summary analysis chart (Pareto chart) in the Asset Dashboard and Asset Detail View based on the cumulative time of each downtime tag added for assets to identify in which parts an asset’s performance is lowered and help you improve production efficiency (for PRO subscription only)

    See Downtime Analysis for more information.

Extended Features for Laser Trackers

  • Geofencing

    Generate a virtual circular boundary around the targeted plant or facility where a laser tracker would be located to visualize its active region on the map after defining and activating a geofence for the asset. Then get notified by geofence events and instant email notifications when the laser tracker exited or entered the preset geofence.

    In addition, active geofences are highlighted while inactive geofences would be greyed out to distinguish them clearly on the map.

    See Setting up Geofences for details.

  • Additional GPS Tag Events and Notifications

    Three GPS Tag specific event types are added to keep you alert to instant events and email notifications of asset location changes, GPS Tag battery level, and abnormal storage temperature respectively:

    • GeoFence — Indicates whether a tracker left or entered the preset geofences.

    • GPS Tag Battery Low — Indicates the battery power level of a GPS Tag reaches a low point and informs the operator to charge it in time.

    • Storage Temperature — Indicates whether the current storage temperature is within the normal working range for a GPS Tag.

    See Setting up GPS Tag Notifications for details.

  • Separate Screen for Location and Geo-location

    Moved location and geo-location related functionalities out of the Edit this Asset screen, and created a menu option Location in the asset dropdown menu to hold these features.

  • Regrouped Targets

    Scanners and T-Macs are regrouped into the Probes category and all three types of probes are displayed and ordered by target status in a mixed card view.

  • More Improvements

    • Widget controls are added to tracker charts, including Save Image, Zoom by drag, Undo, and Reset

    • The battery level indicator of a GPS Tag is added to the Asset Dashboard, Asset Detail View, About this asset screen, and the Location screen

    • Upgrade to PRO button is added to the Asset Detail View

    • Draw a line parallel with the horizontal axis at the point of 100% in the Power Supply chart when a laser tracker is connected with the mains within a certain period of time

Last Certification Date and Next Certification Date

  • Provides new filters and sorting conditions to filter out and sort assets based on the Last Certification Date and Next Certification Date

  • Next Certification Date is added to Service Info tab as a read-only field in the About this Asset screen for CMMs

Changes to SFx Connector

  • SFx Connector can be downloaded in silent mode without interfering with the current data transmission when a new version of the service is available. And you’ll be notified via the Windows Notification Center and decide whether to upgrade it or not

  • Provides options to stop or restart the communication of SFx Connector from the system tray

  • New notifications indicating the connection status of SFx Connector in the Windows Notification Center:

    • SFx Connector lost cloud connection

    • SFx Connector restored cloud connection

  • Offers an extra option to send Pulse sensor event notifications to configured subscribers

  • Added a loading animation effect when launching SFx Connector

Redesigned Login Landing Page

  • A redesigned new login page is added

  • Rolled out an interactive and informative landing page with a responsive layout to replace the previous solution selection page

Subscription Management

Extended subscription type to cover User type for user-based solutions, and added the Object field in the subscription list to display the targeted object that a subscription key is assigned to.

Additional Improvements

  • Performance Improvements

    • Provides pagination query function for the Program Dashboard, and drastically improved the page loading performance

    • Also applied pagination query to the Utilization charts in the Asset Dashboard to accelerate the page loading time significantly

  • Security Enhancements

    Imposed ReCaptcha (a security measure) to prevent automated programs from performing malicious tasks in the process of user and organization creation

  • Program View Enhancements

    Computed Performance and Quality metrics for each program in the Program Detail View

  • Usability Improvements

    Added a tooltip to the Speed chart in the Asset Detail and Program Detail

  • Fine-tuned GUI and Labels

    • Renamed Asset Detail View to Asset Detail in the dropdown menu

    • Changed Home icon to Plant icon in the Map View

    • Program Progress is changed to Ideal Performance % with a tooltip in the Asset Detail and Program Detail

    • Page labels harmonized with menu labels, such as About this Asset, Edit this Asset, My Preferences, etc.

  • Updated asset filter conditions under Sensors with Pulse, CMM Internal Sensors, Laser Tracker Sensors, and None

  • Hexagon e-Store link is added to My Solutions side pane