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HxGN SFx | Asset Management

Release 4.1

SFx Asset Management 4.1 is an important upgraded version that contains a number of new features, usability improvements as well as fixes for known issues. Explore the updated features with the links below.

For details of the pre-release features of machine tools, please head over to Pre-release Features.

New Features for Laser Trackers

  • Associated Trackers — This pane displays the list of trackers associated with the selected target as well as the current status of the target. See Asset Targets for details.

  • Measurement Mode — Two new measurement profiles for the model ATS600 are added to the controller pane in the Asset Detail View:

    • Ring Scan Mode­­

    • Line Scan Mode

  • Face information and tip list are added for Scanners and T-MACS

  • The last performed Tip Check date and time is added to the Tip Details

Map View

The Map View visually pinpoints all laser trackers and stationary assets connected to SFx Asset Management on a real-time map based on the geographical location of each asset or the asset location and/or plant address where an asset is located if no geo-location data identified. See Map View for details.

  • Road Mode — Apart from the default Dark Mode, SFx Asset Management offers the Road Mode against a light background studded with traffic signs, landmark indicators, etc. You can easily switch between the two modes to browse your assets in the Map View.

Time Synchronization between Asset and Program

Have a synchronized view of the status of an asset and program at the same time to put quality data and asset status in the context of each other.

  • Date-selectors within the Event Log pane are optimized to enable you to specify a certain time range accurate to the minute for an asset’s or program’s details, such as events, utilization, charts, and run history and run detail

  • Linked an asset or program, or events associated with it to a synchronized time range in asset and program details

    • When clicking any segment in the Utilization Over Time chart indicating operating status (Green) and error status (Red), you will be directed to the detailed view of the selected program that is synchronized in time

    • In the Program Detail View, click the asset name in a row of the Run History table and note the Run Date, you will be navigated to the Asset Detail View that is synchronized in time to the selected program

    • When you click on a program name in the event log of the asset view, you will go to a view of the program that is synchronized in time to the selected event

    • When you click on an asset name in the event log of the program view, you will be navigated to a view of the asset that is synchronized in time to the selected event

See Time Synchronization between Asset and Program for details.

Chart Enhancements

  • Optimized laser tracker charts under Week / Month / Custom view with bar charts, including

    • Meteo Station chart (Air temperature, air pressure, relative humidity, and object temperature chart)

    • Drift Monitoring chart

  • Include Non-scheduled Time toggle

    Offers an option to view asset utilization information and programs executed with or without the non-scheduled time included.

    With this option turned off, SFx Asset Management will display only that information from the scheduled time. Additionally, in the Utilization Over Time charts, asset statuses during the non-scheduled time are displayed in a darker shade regardless of the toggle state.

  • OEE Calculation Option — An option in the Edit this Asset screen to include the current asset into the OEE calculation.

  • Temperature sensor icon and charts are added to the Asset Dashboard and Detail View for CMMs that do not have Pulse installed but have temperature data sent from axial temperature sensors.

New Events for PC-DMIS

Two new events indicate the current status of the metrology software PC-DMIS:

  • Measurement Software Closed

  • Measurement Software Opened

Changes to SFx Connector

  • Refined the graphic user interface for SFx Connector

  • Performance and Stability Improvements

    • CPU usage of SFx Connector is significantly reduced

    • Provides multi-region support for users from different regions

Additional Improvements

  • Routine is renamed to Program throughout the solution to commonize the term for all assets

  • Keep me signed in — Selecting this option in the login page will keep you signed in for 7 days unless signed out manually. Also, the Remember me option is removed

  • Sorting conditions are added in the Program Card View to sort programs by

    • Program Name

    • Program Status

    • Last Run Time

    • Average Duration

    • Type


      Only PCDMIS type is supported currently.

  • Assets in the Asset Dashboard sort by Sensors are re-ordered by the following sequence: Pulse, CMM Internal Sensors, Laser Tracker Sensors, and None

  • Ideal Execution Time can be entered manually in the detailed view of a Program (for administrators only)

  • Allow multiple assets to have the same name when onboarding or editing an asset

  • Program Run History auto-refreshes once per minute

  • The Solution Tour is updated to cover new features relating to laser trackers, Light theme, etc.