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HxGN SFx | Asset Management

Release 4.0

The SFx Asset Management version 4.0 is a major release that consists of many new features as well as stability and performance improvements. Read on for details of the highlights with the links below.

Support for Laser Trackers

A new asset type, laser trackers, goes live on SFx Asset Management, along with the following new features:

  • Inclusion of Laser Trackers on the Asset Dashboard – Laser trackers can now be integrated into the Asset Dashboard along with stationary CMMs for integrated monitoring of both asset types in a single view. This includes the extension of the basic dashboard features optimized for the laser tracker user experience.

    • Card View / Table View toggle

    • Asset Filter – A new filter field for Asset Type makes it easy to toggle between views of different asset types (i.e., laser tracker or CMM), and the integrated view of both types together.

    • Asset Status – The asset status icon reflects the system status from the laser tracker controller.

    • Sensor Status – The sensor icons reflect the status of the tracker sensors for:

      • Meteo Station

      • Drift Monitoring

      • Power Supply

    • Geo-Location – Dynamically track the position of your laser tracker through real-time geo-location data sent by external GPS tag.

    • Event Log – Keep track of all events relevant to laser trackers with the three event levels:

      • Critical status

      • Warning status

      • Info status

      The data source for all events associated with trackers is the Asset. See Tracker Events for details.

    • Utilization Over Time – View laser tracker operational status as it changes over time based on the sensor status and software connection in these utilization charts:

      • Utilization Over Time

      • Utilization Summary

      • Cumulative Time by Status

    • OEE – Availability is calculated for laser trackers based on operational status. With PC-DMIS software used in conjunction with laser trackers, Performance and Quality are also calculated.

  • Laser Tracker Detail View – SFx Asset Management enables you to focus on an individual laser tracker and dive into its details to check the status of mounted accessories and visualize multiple data points with dedicated charts. See Asset Details of a Laser Tracker for more information.

    • Geo-Location – Dynamically track the position of your laser tracker through real-time geo-location data sent by external GPS tag.

      • Link the GPS tag (available from Hexagon’s online store) to your laser tracker in the Edit this Asset screen

      • Display the geo-location information in the asset detail card and in the About this Asset screen

      • Manually refresh to retrieve the latest geo-location data

    • Controller Pane – Catch a glimpse of the operational status of a laser tracker, the active target, and current measurement mode, alongside the summary state information of key components, including

      • Power supply

      • Network configuration

      • Drift monitoring

      • Meteo station

      • Asset and service info

      • Sleep mode

    • Charts – Easily monitor the changing conditions of laser tracker components and sensors in graphical formats optimized for:

      • Meteo station

      • Drift monitoring

      • Power supply

      • Sleep schedule

      • Sensor checks

      • Field checks

    • Asset Targets – Lists all reflectors, probes, and other measurement accessories available for an individual laser tracker, and displays details for each, including:

      • Reflectors

      • Probes

      • Scanners

      • T-MACS

      • Scan Targets (surfaces and spheres)

    • Asset Compensations — Lists all compensations recorded for an individual tracker that can be applied to different environments.

    • Contact Support — Detail your question and send it to the Hexagon Customer Service teams when an urgent issue occurs within a tracker.

Light Theme

SFx Asset Management now provides a Light theme under the User Preferences section, enabling you to toggle between the Dark and Light theme across the system.

Subscription Notifications

  • A new banner notification is displayed for:

    • New asset subscription available

    • Asset subscription extended

  • Email notifications are delivered to account administrators when an asset subscription is created or extended for an organization

  • Email notifications are delivered to account administrators when a PRO or PRO Trial subscription is going to expire

Email Notification Enhancement

  • Add the field Active Routine to the asset notification email when the Routine is currently running

New Events for Computer Status

Two new events indicate the current status of the computer connected to an asset

  • Computer Suspended — Indicates the Host PC has either been shut down or entered sleep mode

  • Computer Resumed — Indicates the Host PC has either been restarted or woken up

Chart Enhancements

  • View CMM temperature data from multiple sensors together (such as axis, workpiece, and environment temps depending on availability). View charts in either of two modes:

    • Overlay mode

    • Separate mode

    See Temperature Multi-view Charts for details.

  • Chart buttons and icons are moved outside of the scrollable plot space to ensure controls remain visible while scrolling up or down within the chart

Revamped User Menu

  • The User Menu is redesigned to separate User Preferences from functional menu items

  • Subscriptions, Plant Setup, and User Administration removed from the User Menu, and integrated into Account Settings under the SFx main menu

  • Schedules is renamed to Production Schedules

Changes to User Roles

Privileges are extended for the Account Administrator user role to fulfill management tasks across SFx solutions.

Only an organization’s Account Administrators have access to the Account Settings menu, and have permission to manage users, solutions, subscriptions, and plant setup.

The Account Settings menu is integrated into the My Solutions side pane, including four sub-menus:

  • Users — Add, edit and delete user accounts based on solutions

  • Solutions — Browse subscribed solutions and assign users from one solution to another

  • Subscriptions — Browse subscriptions and assign a subscription to an asset for a certain solution

  • Plants — Create, edit and delete plants, and group assets to a specified plant

See Account Settings for more information.

Changes to SFx Connector

  • The workflow for connecting laser trackers to your SFx account is added to the SFx Connector user interface

  • A new Gateway mode is added to set up the intermediate PC as a gateway to transmit asset information from multiple laser trackers to your SFx account

Additional Improvements

  • Page loading performance for the Routine Dashboard is improved

  • Compatibility support for Microsoft IE 11 browser is discontinued and a warning notification is displayed when a user is using an unsupported browser to access the solution

  • Time format is standardized throughout the solution in accordance with the ISO 8601 standard

  • Data Export Improvements

    • Assets export includes Asset Type

    • Update table headers in the Utilization export

      • Rename Runtime to Operating

      • Rename Not Runtime to Idle

  • Fine-tune GUI Labels

    • Renamed System to Asset in the Event Log Source filter

    • Renamed Busy to Operating in asset Operational Status filter

  • Prompt messages are automatically dismissed after 10 seconds

  • The Solution Tour is updated to include Routine features

  • A new Quick Setup Guide is added to the Downloads section under the User Menu