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HxGN SFx | Asset Management

Release 3.1

The SFx Asset Management version 3.1 is an important upgraded version that contains many new features as well as stability and performance improvements. Read on for details of the highlights with the links below.

Routines View

SFx Asset Management provides Routines View for you to timely browse and monitor the statuses as well as executing conditions of all Routines run on all assets. It includes two view modes to browse all connected routines in the Routine Dashboard.

  • Routine Card View

  • Routine Table View

See Browsing Routines in Dashboard for details.

Routine Detail View

Routine Detail View enables you to drill down into a detailed view of a specific routine, including Routine Progress, Measurement Speed Monitoring, Run History, Run Detail, etc.

  • Run History – views the historical execution records of a routine.

  • Run Detail – shows the measurement result of each execution of a routine in detail.

    • Dimension Summary – displays a summary of the measurement result.

    • Dimension Detail – presents the dimension data of each measured feature

Routine Event Log

  • Receive instant event logs of all Routines executing measurement tasks on all assets.

  • Filter targeted event logs depending on event source and event status.

Routine-specific Notifications

  • Subscribe to Routine related notifications to get reminders of critical alerts of specific Routines.

  • Redefined Routine event status is simplified to specify any type of event notifications with further subdivided status conditions, including:

    • Routine started

    • Routine completed

    • Routine canceled

    • Feature failed

    • Operator input requested

    • Routine opened/closed/paused/resumed/edit mode (Info)

    • Routine execution error (Error)

Concurrent Routine Executions

SFx Asset Management provides support for concurrent Routine executions. Runs a Routine on multiple assets simultaneously and monitors the executing state of the Routine running on each asset separately.

New Routine Sorting and Filtering Options

  • Sort Routines by Routine name, Last Run, Average Duration and Type in ascending or descending order under the Table View

  • Filter Routines according to Routine Status and Routine Name

  • Enable to adjust the display order of filters

Routines Enhancements

  • Improved Routine Event Log

    • Added Feature events into Routine Event log

    • Subdivided status conditions for event filtering in the Routine Event log

  • Better Routine Information

    • Reordered dimension data in Routine Run Detail pane as per the executing sequence in a Routine program file

    • Displayed Routine Progress and Speed Monitoring when the asset status is error

    • Optimized data display of Dimension Detail with explicit table headers in the Routine Run Detail pane

    • Added new tooltip and hyperlink on Routine name in Routine Executed Table

    • Added a blue feather icon next to the name of the asset with a Lite subscription in the Run History table

    • Dropped DeviceType and DeviceName fields in Routine notification email

  • Improved Usability

    • Support Arrow Up/Down keypress to switch among run history records of a Routine

Additional Improvements

  • Differentiate Advanced Routine from Basic Routine to fulfill the privilege design for each kind of Routine type

  • Allow administrator-level users to delete Routines

  • Optimized the layout of Assets filters to adapt to the current window

  • Enable to edit user basic information and customize user image

  • Opened self-registration portal for new user/new organization

  • Added refresh mechanism for charts in Routine dashboard and Routine detail page to make sure corresponding data would be refreshed per minute

  • Replaced icon components for Pulse event and Pulse staus to reduce image loading size and accelerate page loading speed

  • Added a help text when creating a new schedule for an asset