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HxGN | SFx Asset Management

Release 2.2

The SFx Asset Management version 2.2 is a minor release that contains a few new features as well as some stability and performance improvements. The following section lists the highlights.

Asset Dashboard

The Asset Dashboard has the following enhancements:

  • You can now export all Pro assets or Pro assets filtered out by some conditions in the Asset Dashboard into a .csv file. See Exporting Assets to a CSV File for more details.

  • In Table View, the Plant column is added to the asset table to visualize the plant information for each asset.

Event Log

You can now export events occurring on multiple Pro assets or a single Pro asset to a .csv file. Each time, the maximum number of events can be exported is 10000. See Exporting Events to a CSV File on Multiple Pro Assets and Export Events to a CSV File on Single Pro Asset for more details.

Executed Routines

You can now browse the data of the routines that have been executed and completed on all assets in a table format under the graphics pane. The data includes:

  • Routine name

  • Corresponding asset name that each routine runs on

  • Total number of times that each routine runs

  • Total time that each routine spends in all executions (unit is HH:MM:SS)

  • Average time per execution (unit is HH:MM:SS)

See Browsing Executed Routines Table on Multiple Assets and Browsing Executed Routines Table on Single Asset for more details.

In addition, you can export the Routines Executed table into a .csv file.