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HxGN SFx | Asset Management

Release 2.0

The SFx Asset Management 2.0 release contains many new features as well as a number of performance and stability improvements. The following section lists the highlights.


SFx Asset Management starts to use licenses to categorize and manage assets. Based on whether an asset is associated with a license key, all assets can be categorized into two types.

  • Pro Asset — associated with an unexpired license key.

  • Lite Asset — is not associated with a license key or the license key has expired. A lite asset is marked with the image13.png icon.

The SFx Asset Management Pro package is the full-feature package including 3 years of data retention. The Lite package is free of charge and offers limited features, such as:

  • 24 hours of data retention for events, utilization, and environment monitoring.

  • Does not support the monitoring of routine and speed.

  • Does not support the export of data.

Asset Dashboard

The Asset Dashboard has the following enhancements:

  • In Card View, each asset card can be flipped to show the Runtime-Not-Runtime utilization chart. See Card View for more details.

  • Table View is added to display all assets in a table. See Table View for more details.

  • Asset filters are optimized as follows. See Filtering Assets for more details.

    • Add the Operational Status and License filters in Card View to search for assets by the current operational status and license type.

    • Add the Blanks option to filters in both Card View and Table View to search for assets of which selected asset property is assigned with null values.

  • The busy status icons of assets are animated in the dashboard.

Utilization and Pulse Charts

The asset and Pulse utilization charts have the following enhancements:

  • The Runtime-Not-Runtime and Cumulative Time By Status utilization charts are calculated based on scheduled production time. See Browsing Asset Utilization for more details.

  • The data in the Runtime-Not-Runtime and Cumulative Time By Status utilization charts can be exported into a .csv file.

  • A time picker is added in the detailed view of an asset for users to customize the date range (up to 30 days) to show the asset utilization chart.

  • The asset status icon and sensor icons in the dashboard are linked to the asset utilization chart and Pulse utilization chart. For example, clicking the image62.png icon in the dashboard can automatically open the vibration utilization chart of the corresponding asset in the graphics pane.

  • The layout of the charts is now responsive under the mobile mode.

  • Chart data is cached locally to optimize the chart display performance.

Email Notification

A welcome email will be immediately sent to the specified email address of the new user after its user account is successfully added in SFx Asset Management. The welcome email contains the hyperlink of the login page of SFx Asset Management as well as the login credentials, which helps the new user quickly start the first login in SFx Asset Management.

In addition, to help users timely obtain the updates about their user accounts, an email notification is sent when their passwords or roles are modified by their administrators. See User Management for more details.

Event Log

Event Log has the following enhancements:

  • The icon, title, or description of each event in the Event Log pane is now clickable which will pop up a dialog showing the event details. Clicking the asset name hyperlink inside the dialog will further display asset details.

  • The Event Log pane has a new System data source to collect the following events. Use the System option to filter for pertinent events. See Browsing Asset Events for more details.

    • SFx Connector errors

    • The disconnectivity of SFx Connector service

    • The disconnectivity of CMM Adapter service

    • The disconnectivity of IoTHub cloud service

System Report

Generating a system report for an asset is now available to standard users. The Asset Provisioned By property is added to the CMM System category of the report to record the name of the user who adds the related asset to SFx Asset Management.

Login and Logout

  • The reset password functionality is added to the login page of SFx Asset Management.

  • A user account will be automatically locked for 60 minutes after 20 times of failed login attempt.

  • The active time for each login is cut down from 2 hours to 1 hour.