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HxGN | SFx Asset Management

Asset Home Page

The Asset Home page is split up into four main areas. Each area shows different dimensional metrics of assets. Each area has a flexible layout, which can be maximized/minimized, or collapsed/expanded.

  • image6.pngAsset Dashboard — Shows all assets and their basic properties, such as asset name, image, model type, location, asset certification status, operating status, and different sensor statuses, in an adaptive dashboard. See Browsing All Assets in Dashboard for more information.

  • image7.pngEvent Log — Shows miscellaneous categories of real-time and historical events of all assets, such as warning and error messages in Program, Controller, and Sensors. All events can be filtered by asset, time slot, data source, and status. See Browsing Asset Events for more information.

  • image8.pngAsset Utilization — Shows the uptime and runtime of all registered assets in the last 24 hours by status in a bar chart. The time range to show the utilization data is customizable. See Browsing Asset Utilization for more information.

  • image9.pngOEE — Shows the average OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) of all assets in the last 24 hours in a percentage circular chart. The time range of the analytical effectiveness circles is automatically synchronized with the one customized in the Asset Utilization area. See OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) for more information.