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Reconnecting an Arm after Deleting It from SFx Desktop

You need to recover the arm to SFx Desktop, then re-connect it to your SFx account.

  1. Turn off the arm.

  2. Stop the RDS Service from the RDS window.



    You must be logged in as an Advanced user in RDS to do this.

  3. End the RDS job process in the Task Manager.



    For the Windows system, Control+Alt+Delete is a shortcut to call the Force Quit command.

  4. Wait until the RDS job process restarts and appears again in the Task Manager.


    It takes a while to restart the RDS job process.

  5. Start the RDS Service again from the RDS window.

  6. Turn on the arm.

    Ensure your computer is connected to the arm's network either wired Ethernet or WLAN.

  7. After connecting to the RDS successfully, click Refresh in the SFx Desktop, you'll find your arm appears again in the My Assets list.