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Backing up and Restoring Configurations of SFx Desktop

When you would like to move to a new computer, you can back up the configurations of the SFx Desktop, and restore them on the new computer.

  1. Open SFx Desktop from the Windows Start menu or double-click the image12.png icon in your system tray.

  2. Click the Open Settings icon (the bigger gear icon).

  3. Under Settings, select Backup & Restore.

  4. Click Backup my configuration on this PC, and then select a directory from your old computer to save the Zip file.

  5. Transfer the Zip file you backed up from the old computer to a new computer.

  6. On the new computer, install the SFx Desktop application first.

  7. After opening SFx Desktop, click Settings > Backup & Restore > Restore my saved configuration, and find the saved Zip file from your disk.

  8. Click Open.

    Now the local database of the SFx Desktop is transferred and is available on the new computer. This is especially useful when using local SFx Desktop dashboards. Also, your assets that were onboarded previously appear again in the My Assets list.


    This procedure can also be done with other device types, such as laser trackers.


Alternatively, you can also back up and restore your configurations when uninstalling SFx Desktop. You can follow the hint on this screen.