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HxGN | SFx Asset Management



The following section lists the terms that you may need to know while using SFx Asset Management.


An asset is a measuring device or a CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machine that serves in a facility for production purposes. It contains stationary and portable equipment, such as CMM, laser tracker, and measuring arm.

Asset Probe

This refers to a variety of measurement accessories available for portable measuring equipment.

  • For laser trackers, asset probes include Reflectors, Probes, and Scan Targets.

  • For portable arms, asset probes include contact and non-contact Probes, and 3D Scanners.


Set of laser tracker parameters that can be checked and adjusted electronically by compensation wizards.


Hardware that provides precise control of the motion of a Hexagon asset and communicates with PC-DMIS to synchronize device data.


A metrology software application that collects, evaluates, and manages measurement data of a Hexagon asset.

Probe (for Laser Trackers)

A probe is a device equipped with a prism and a set of infrared LEDs, such as Leica T-Probe, Leica T-Scan, LAS/LAS-XL, and Leica T-Mac, which is used to measure or assist in measuring features of parts.

The diagram below illustrates the relationship between Asset Probes and Probes:

Probe (for Portable Arms)

A probe is a quick-change Tip and probing accessory used on portable measuring arms to allow for the single-point touch measurement of surfaces and features or hard-to-reach areas of parts.


A set of instructions preset in documents that control an asset to perform a particular task, such as measurement or inspection task, or part processing task.

A program record produces in the Programs Executed table and on the Program Dashboard after a program completes.

Program Run

An execution of a program on an asset is called a program run. A program can run on one or various types of assets multiple times as needed.

A program run record generates in the Run History table after a program run completes.


Software that uses a network of sensors to monitor the environmental conditions of a Hexagon asset. The sensors include vibration, temperature, humidity, luminosity, air pressure, and switch sensors, and also offer equipment status alerts and crash notifications.

Pulse Dashboard is now integrated into SFx Desktop.


The management software for portable arms. It is the interface server between the arm and the final measurement software. RDS allows to configure the arm functions, the communication protocol, probe alignments, system verifications, and perform many other functions.

SFx Desktop

A utility that communicates with SFx Asset Management. It aggregates and uploads all varieties of data sourced from Controller, PC-DMIS, and Pulse to your SFx account in real-time. SFx Desktop is also used to onboard assets.

SFx Desktop, previously named SFx Connector, integrates Pulse Dashboard into its main interfaces already.

Tracker Controller

Controller running the system software which provides the interface to the Absolute Tracker.

Tracker Pilot

System software used to check the system accuracy and adjust or compensate instrument parameters. It also applies to maintaining and updating the system software.


A wizard is a predefined process to check or compensate for a laser tracker.