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HxGN | SFx Asset Management

Browser and Device Compatibility

The following compatibility topics are covered in this section:

Supported Browsers

The SFx Asset Management Portal is compatible with the following popular web browsers and has a responsive layout on mobile devices.

  • Google Chrome 70 and later

  • Mozilla Firefox 63.0.3 and later

  • Apple Safari (Mac) 12.0 and later

  • Microsoft Edge 81.0.416.72 and later

Device Compatibility

SFx Asset Management is currently compatible with Hexagon stationary and portable measuring equipment. Some of the currently supported equipment include:

  • The GLOBAL product lines

  • The OPTIV product lines

  • The SF product lines (Tigo SF, SF 4.5.4, SF 7.10.7)

  • Laser Tracker Systems (ATS600, AT930, AT960, AT500 series)

  • Portable Measuring Arms (RA8v1 and RA8v2 - all series of 7-Axis, 6-Axis, and COMPACT)


For laser tracker systems AT960 and AT930 with Firmware Version 2.2.4, they require SFx Desktop v6.2.08 or later because of compatibility reasons.

The solution offers graduated levels of support for its various features, depending on:

  • The device type and brand

  • The controller model & firmware version

  • Metrology software and version

The solution works with 3 main information sources:

There is some redundancy with respect to the data transmitted by various sources. However, the most effective use of SFx Asset Management leverages all sources available for the asset in question.

Device Controllers

  • DC and RC model controllers with firmware version FDC FW V17 and above are fully supported. FDC firmware has shipped on:

    • Global CMMs since 2011

    • Gantry CMMs since 2015

    • Bravo CMMs since 2018


    The controller firmware may need to be upgraded.

    For the Optiv product line, FDC FW V17 is the earliest firmware version compatible with SFx Asset Management.

  • H3C model controllers with firmware version H3C FW V17 and above are fully supported. H3C firmware currently ships on 4.5.4. SF CMMs.

Metrology Software

  • PC-DMIS versions 2014 and higher support program information including Program Name, Program Open, Program Close, Program Start, and Program Stop for metrology software information.

The table below lists the compatibility of PC-DMIS with Edge Client, a core component in PC-DMIS and SFx Desktop for data transmission.


2018 R2 pre-SP9

2018 R2 SP9 - SP11

2018 R2 SP12 or later

2019 R1 pre-SP7

2019 R1 SP7 - SP9

2019 R1 SP10 or later

2019 R2 pre-SP3

2019 R2 SP3 - SP6

2019 R2 SP7 or later

2020 R1 SP1 - SP3

2020 R1 SP4 or later

2020 R2 or later

No Edge Client (use PC-DMIS Monitor)

Has Edge Client, but needs to be enabled in Settings Editor (EdgeClientNotifications=1)

Edge Client is on by default

*Before PC-DMIS 2018 R1, SFx data was transmitted via PC-DMIS Automation interface.


  • Pulse sensor packages are currently available for most Hexagon stationary CMMs.