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HxGN | SFx Asset Management

System Overview

HxGN SFx | Asset Management is a cloud-based Smart Manufacturing solution and subscription service designed to remotely monitor and visualize the real-time status and production metrics of shop-floor assets.

The solution includes the following key features:

  • Centralized Asset Management

    Manage key assets in a centralized and intuitive dashboard whatever assets are on a single shop floor or in multiple factories around the world.

  • Real-time Operational Status Monitor

    Observe the real-time operational status and environmental sensor status of each asset connected and build a tight relation between the running assets and executing programs.

  • Program Data Storing and Downtime Analysis

    Archive the historical runtime analysis and dimensional values of each program, and provide a Pareto analysis chart to help identify asset downtime causes.

  • Utilization and OEE Evaluation

    Analyze the Asset utilization (uptime and runtime) and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) of each connected asset in any custom time slot.

  • Real-time Events Capture

    Capture the real-time events from Controller, Program, Sensors, or other data sources and archive all historical events by data source and severity level.

  • Instant Email and System Notifications

    Offer instant email and system notifications for subscribed events occurring on any connected assets or programs.

With real-time monitoring and intelligent analysis, SFx Asset Management enables you to track asset utilization, identify asset abnormalities, and streamline asset maintenance, which ensures optimal asset performance while continuously increasing productivity, efficiency, and reducing costs.