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HxGN | SFx Asset Management

User Privileges

There are two role types designed for users in an organization using Hexagon Smart Manufacturing solutions:

  • SFx Role — The SFx Role is a site-wide role that designs to administer all system-level resources across solutions subscribed by an organization. For SFx Asset Management, there is only one SFx role available:

    • Account Administrator

  • Solution Role — The Solution Role is a solution-based role to organize and employ resources for each subscribed solution. There are two solution roles available for the SFx Asset Management solution:

    • Asset Administrator

    • Standard User

See the table below for a summary comparison of the two role types.

Role Type

Role Name

Privilege Scope

Privilege Level

SFx Role

Account Administrator

Across solutions


Solution Role

Asset Administrator



Standard User



To some extent, the SFx Role has higher privileges than any Solution Role. However, you must be an Account Administrator for your organization and an Asset Administrator for this solution at the same time to be entitled to the full privileges required for the solution.

When you purchase SFx Asset Management, subscription keys will be assigned to your account, and the first user (you) will be assigned an Account Administrator role (SFx Role) for the organization and an Asset Administrator role (Solution Role) for the solution. Then you can now go and assign users, subscriptions, etc. Also, you can designate any user in your organization as an Account Administrator if needed.


See Privilege Details and Account Settings for more information.