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HxGN | SFx Asset Management

Subscription Types

There are three kinds of subscriptions available in SFx Asset Management:

  • PRO Subscription — A PRO subscription is valid for a year which covers the full features of SFx Asset Management. A PRO subscription issues a key, called PRO subscription key, which can be assigned to any asset that is onboarded to SFx Asset Management by an organization’s account administrators. You can extend the existing subscription annually or purchase new subscriptions for your assets as per your requirements. See Plans and Pricing for details.

  • PRO Trial Subscription — Essentially, a PRO Trial subscription is a PRO subscription but only valid for 45 days. You can try out PRO Trial subscriptions and enjoy the full features of SFx Asset Management free if no PRO Trial or PRO subscriptions in your organization’s SFx account.

  • Lite Subscription — A Lite subscription is a free subscription with limited features. It is assigned to an asset automatically when a new asset is onboarded to SFx Asset Management. You can easily identify an asset with a default Lite subscription by the image13.png icon or a feather-like background in the Asset Dashboard. See Upgrading a Lite Asset for details.

Compared with a PRO subscription which owns the full features of SFx Asset Management, a Lite subscription has the following restrictions:

  • 24 hours of data retention for asset events, program events, utilization, and environment monitoring.

  • Can not manage or subscribe to email notifications for asset events and program events, nor analysis report for assets.

  • Have no access to the program run history.

  • Can not access advanced program information in the Programs Executed table.

  • Do not support the monitoring of program speed, program ideal performance %, and OEE metrics.

  • Do not support viewing run detail and performance and quality charts of an individual program.

  • Do not support data export to .csv files.

  • Unable to add downtime tags for assets and browse downtime analysis chart.

  • Can not view the certification status and get the re-certification reminder for each asset.

  • Can not add real-time downtime tag for assets.