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HxGN | SFx Asset Management

Modifying Asset Properties

Before generating a system report for an asset, you can browse the properties of the asset and modify them when necessary.

The following asset properties can be modified:

  • Asset Name

  • Location

  • Plant

  • Serial Number

  • Production Schedule

  • Installation Date

  • Last Service Date

  • Last Certification Date

  • Description

  • Calculate OEE for this asset

    • Display Performance

    • Display Quality


Only Asset Administrators have the privilege to modify the properties of an asset.

  1. Log into the SFx Asset Management Portal with your administrator account.

  2. Select the asset of which properties you want to edit in the Asset Dashboard, and then click the drop-down menu next to the asset name.

    Here we select a CMM as an example.

  3. Select Edit this Asset.

  4. On the Edit this Asset screen, modify the properties based on your needs, and click Save.



    The asset name cannot exceed 14 characters.


    • For the Location field, you can type in a detailed location for the asset.

    • You can select a plant from the Plant list to associate the plant with the asset so as to manage assets by plant.

    • You can select a schedule from the Production Schedule list to associate the schedule with the asset to accurately calculate asset utilization in a specified time range.


For a laser tracker, you could only edit the asset location, plant name, and production schedule, customize the description, check/uncheck the OEE calculation option, and delete this asset in the Edit this Asset screen.


To use the geo-location and geofence related functionalities, you should go to the GPS menu option in the asset dropdown menu. See GPS Tags for details.


The Calculate OEE for this asset option enables you to decide whether an asset should be included in the calculation of OEE metrics, including Availability, Performance, and Quality.


This option is only available to assets with PRO or PRO Trial subscriptions. For an asset with a Lite subscription, this option is invisible.

The other two options below enable you to determine if these metrics (Performance and Quality) should be displayed on the OEE pane in the Asset Detail View. By default, the Availability chart of an asset shall always be displayed.


  • These two options (Display Performance and Display Quality) are only available to CMMs and machine tools.

  • For laser trackers, there is no OEE pane in the Asset Detail View. However, you can filter out all laser trackers on the Asset Dashboard via the Asset Type condition to view the overall OEE metrics (Overall and Availability) on the OEE pane.

The table below lists the default OEE settings for each type of asset.

Asset Type

OEE Calculation Option

Display Performance

Display Quality

Display Availability


Laser tracker with PC-DMIS




Laser tracker without PC-DMIS





Machine tool



  • : Indicates this option is checked.

  • ×: Indicates this option is unchecked.

  • -: Indicates no option exists.


See OEE Customization Options for a Machine Tool for more information on the default settings for machine tools.

  • When the OEE calculation option is checked without any metrics selected, only the Availability chart is calculated and displayed by default.

  • When the calculation option is unchecked without any metrics selected, only the Availability chart is displayed with a null value, indicated by the sign.

  • When the calculation option is checked with a specific metric selected, then the charts of the selected metric and Availability are calculated and displayed.

  • When the calculation option is checked with both of the two metrics selected, then all the four charts (Overall, Availability, Performance, and Quality) are calculated and displayed.

You can check/uncheck these options to include an asset or not in the OEE calculation and display specified metric charts on the OEE pane depending on your requirements.