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HxGN | SFx Asset Management

Asset Settings

SFx Asset Management provides you with a new settings page to manage asset-related settings organization-wide, including waiting time, production schedules, geofences, and generic assets.

There are four tabs:

  • Operational Status: Configures the waiting time for assets before their operational status changes to Idle. The setting applies to all assets in your organization once configured. See Configuring Waiting Time for details.

  • Production Schedules: Manages production schedules by adding customized shifts and holidays in the timetable to plan the production cycle for assets on a weekly basis. See Managing Production Schedules for details.

  • Manage Geofences: Creates, edits, and deletes organizational geofences for portable equipment linked to a GPS Tag. You can get an overview of all organization-level geofences on this page. See Managing Geofences for details.

  • Add Generic Asset: Adds and onboards a portable measuring instrument or a device that is not supported by SFx Asset Management as a generic asset. After linking a GPS Tag to a generic asset, you can use all GPS-related functionality. See Adding Generic Assets for details.


Only Asset Administrators have permission to configure these settings.