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Reviewing User Requests

After a new user invitation is sent out by an existing user (Standard User or Asset Administrator) in your organization, Account Administrators can be informed by emails and banner notifications, and process new user requests in time.

To review a user invitation request, do as follows:


Only Account Administrators have permission to do this.

  1. Log into the Metrology Asset Manager Portal:

  2. Click on the image24.png icon at the top left corner of the Home page to open the My Solutions side pane which displays the thumbnails of all your subscribed solutions.

  3. Click on the Account Settings item at the bottom.

  4. You can find the Account Settings menu as follows:

  5. In the Users menu, click the link X New User Requests in the banner notification to open the User Request dialog.

  6. In the User Request dialog, process user invitation requests in the Pending status one by one.

    1. Check the new user's name and email account to confirm if the user is a member of your organization.

    2. Check the requester's name, email account, and the date when the request was sent.

    3. Assign a Solution Role for each solution for the new user.


      This is a required field.


    • To remove a solution from the solution list for the new user if you disagree with the requester's proposal, click the Minus icon.

    • To add a new solution for the new user, click the Plus icon.

  7. AccountSettings_Users_Review_ApproveDenyIcon.PNG
    • If all is right and you agree to add the new user, click the Approve (ApproveIcon.PNG) icon.

    • If any discrepancy and you disagree to add the new user, click the Deny (DenyIcon.PNG) icon.

      In this case, you can send a message to the requester to explain why you denied this request. Then click Yes, Deny.



    Sometimes, if the Approve icon is disabled, click the Refresh button to reload the user request list to get the latest status of each request. Because a user request may have been processed by another Account Administrator in your organization.

  8. After all pending user requests are processed, click X to exit the dialog.

    At this time, the Users list is updated accordingly to include the newly invited users.

    A message pops up, indicating all requests have been processed successfully. Meanwhile, email notifications regarding the reviewing results are sent out to the requester and the new users respectively.