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HxGN | SFx Asset Management

Account Settings

As one of the Hexagon Smart Manufacturing solutions, SFx Asset Management enables you to organize and manage all the system-level resources across solutions with the Account Settings functionality.

The Account Settings menu is the main portal for Account Administrators to manage users, solutions, subscriptions, and plants for an organization.


All users have access to the Account Settings menu. However, only Account Administrators have permission to manage resources on this page.

With a solution role, either Asset Administrator or Standard User, you can only access the Users menu with read-only privilege, and invite new users to your organization in the HxGN SFx platform.

  1. Click on the image24.png icon at the top left corner of the Home page to open the My Solutions side pane which displays the thumbnails of all your subscribed solutions.



    Click on any icon of the solutions to exit the current solution and navigate to the selected solution.

  2. Click on the Account Settings item at the bottom.

  3. You can find the Account Settings menu as follows:


The Account Settings menu is comprised of the four sub-menus:

  • Users — Adds, edits, and deletes user accounts based on solutions. See User Management for details.


    For a solution role, either Asset Administrator or Standard User, you can view the user name, email account, and the SFx Role of all users in your organization, and also invite new users to your organization.

  • Plants — Creates, edits, and deletes plants, and groups assets to a specified plant. See Plant Management for details.

  • Solutions — Browses subscribed solutions and assigns users from one solution to another. See Solution Management for details.

  • Subscriptions — Browses subscriptions and assigns a subscription to an asset for a certain solution. See Subscription Management for details.