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HxGN | SFx Asset Management

4. Assigning a PRO or PRO Trial Subscription to Your Asset

There are two package options for your asset:

  • Lite - The Lite package is free of charge and offers limited features, such as 24 hours of data retention.

  • PRO - The PRO package is the full-feature package including 3 years of data retention.


See Subscription Types for more information.

When you connect your asset to your SFx account for the first time, the asset is assigned a Lite package by default.

If you have a PRO or PRO Trial package subscription, you can assign it to your asset with this procedure:


If you got a voucher code, you need to redeem it for a PRO subscription first, then assign the redeemed PRO subscription to your asset. See Redeeming a Voucher Code for details.

  • If you have an Account Administrator user role, do as follows.

    1. With your browser, sign in to your SFx account.

    2. At the top left corner of the Home page, click on the image24.png icon to open the My Solutions pane.

    3. At the bottom, click on the Account Settings item to access the Account Settings screen.

    4. On the Subscriptions tab, select an unassigned subscription key and click the image27.png icon.

    5. Select your asset from the Subscribed Asset list and click Save.

  • If you have an Asset Administrator user role, do as follows.

    1. Find the targeted Lite asset you want to upgrade from the Asset Dashboard.

    2. Click the asset card to go to the Asset Detail View.

    3. Click the Upgrade to PRO button.

    4. Click the Assign button to apply the available PRO Subscription with the furthest expiration date to your asset.

    5. You can find the current asset is upgraded to a PRO asset already.


    With an Account Administrator user role, you can also assign a PRO subscription to your asset from this Upgrade to PRO dialog box. See Upgrading a Lite Asset to PRO for details.