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HxGN SFx | Asset Management

3c. Connecting Your Portable Arm to Your SFx Account


Before starting, ensure the portable arm management software (RDS) version you are using is 6.2 or higher for the RA8 arm model.

  1. Turn on SFx data transfer in RDS.

    1. Connect your computer with RDS to the portable arm you are about to onboard.

    2. Log in as an Advanced user in RDS.

    3. Then go to RDS Control Panel > SFx Connectivity, and switch on SFx enabled.

  2. Sign in to your SFx account and go to Downloads in the User Menu.

  3. Download and install the latest version of SFx Desktop.

  4. After installation, open SFx Desktop from the Windows Start menu, or double-click the SFx icon in your system tray.

  5. From the Tour dialog box, click Begin Tour.

  6. For your type of machine, click Portable Arm.

    • To browse the key features of SFx Asset Management, click Next.

    • To jump to the end of the tour, click Skip.

  7. On the Get Started screen (the final screen of the tour), mark the I agree to the End User License Agreement check box and then click Set up my asset(s).


    SFx Desktop searches in the connected network for available portable arms. After it finishes its search, the list of arms appears in the discovery list.

  8. Click Yes, Onboard to go to the All My Assets page.

  9. Now you can start to connect your portable arm to your SFx Account.

    1. On the All My Assets page, mark the checkbox next to the arm you want to connect to your SFx account from the asset list.

    2. Click Connect selected to SFx.

    3. Click Yes, Connect.

  10. Sign in to your SFx account.

  11. Once you sign in, the All My Assets screen below shows your portable arm in the list.


    Click View online to go to the Asset Detail View in SFx Asset Management with a new browser window.

You may need to reconnect your arm to your SFx account in the following cases:

  • Scenario 1

    For some reason, you removed your arm from the asset list on the All My Assets page in SFx Desktop. However, you want to add it back to SFx Desktop and reconnect it to your SFx account.

    Resolution: See Reconnecting an Arm after Deleting It from SFx Desktop.

  • Scenario 2

    After onboarding your arm successfully, because SFx Desktop was stopped unexpectedly, the status of your arm stays Unknown (i.e., the status bar becomes grey) in the My Assets list, and this situation can't be restored by restarting SFx Desktop.

    Resolution: See Reconnecting an Arm after Deleting It from SFx Desktop.

  • Scenario 3

    Your arm has been onboarded to your SFx account by a computer. However, you want to connect the arm to another computer.

    Resolution: See Reconnecting a Portable Arm on a New Computer.


For Scenario 1, you can also recover your arm from SFx Desktop directly. See Recovering an Asset to Your SFx Account for details.

When your arm appears again in the asset list on the All My Assets page, repeat Step 10-12 described above to reconnect it to your SFx account.