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HxGN SFx | Asset Management

3b. Connecting Your Laser Tracker to Your SFx Account


Before starting, ensure the Laser Tracker system software version you are using is 2.0 or higher for AT9x0, 1.1 or higher on ATS600 models.

  1. On the home page of SFx Desktop, you should see a Tour dialog box. If you don't see this dialog box, you can access it from this toolbar menu option:

  2. From the Tour dialog box, click Begin Tour.

  3. For your type of machine, click Laser Tracker.

    • To browse the key features of SFx Asset Management, click Next.

    • To jump to the end of the tour, click Skip.

  4. On the Get Started screen (the final screen of the tour), mark the I agree to the End User License Agreement check box and then click Set up my asset(s).



    Click the End User License Agreement link to read the full text.

    SFx Desktop searches in the connected network for available laser trackers. After it finishes its search, the list of trackers appears in the discovery list.


    A tracker that is already provisioned or ready to connect in the All My Assets screen does not appear in the discovery list.

  5. Mark the check box next to each tracker that you want to connect to your SFx account from the discovery list. Click Next.

  6. Sign in to your SFx account.

  7. Once you sign in, the All My Assets screen below shows your laser tracker in the list. Click View online to go to the Asset Detail View in SFx Asset Management with a new browser window.


    If you do not see your laser tracker in the list, use the instructions in this step to find the Gateway IP Address and then go to Connectivity Settings.


    If your laser tracker is not connected directly to your computer, it will not appear in the asset list. In this case, your laser tracker must be connected to the same network as your computer.

    To find your Gateway IP Address, follow these steps:

    1. From the SFx Desktop toolbar, click the small white gear icon (SFxDesktop_SettingsIcon_serviceConfiguration.PNG) to open the SFx Desktop Interfaces screen.

    2. From the SFx Desktop Interfaces screen, click My Asset Details.

    3. Find the Gateway IP Address.



  • To continue adding trackers to your SFx account, click + in the upper left corner, and select Tracker.

  • To connect a tracker that is provisioned and ready to connect, see Reconnecting an Asset to Your SFx Account for details.

Connectivity Settings

To connect a tracker via the gateway mode, follow these steps.

  1. Hover your pointer over the tracker, click MoreIcon.PNG and then select Connectivity Settings.

  2. The gateway IP address of your tracker appears in the dialog box.

  3. Turn on the Manual SFx Gateway Configuration option.

  4. In IP Address, type the IP address from the dialog box. Click Apply.