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HxGN | SFx Asset Management

1. Prerequisites

To use SFx Asset Management, you must install SFx Desktop (formerly known as SFx Connector) on the computer that is connected to your asset. SFx Desktop is a software application that connects your asset to your SFx account. It can also monitor your asset and send data to your SFx account. Before you install SFx Desktop, ensure that you meet the following prerequisites:

  • System requirements: Windows 10 or higher 64-bit operating system.

  • Browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge (MS IE is not supported).

  • The person who performs the connection or asset provisioning must be either an Asset Administrator or Account Administrator under your SFx account.

  • The computer must be able to access the Internet. If necessary, refer to Firewall and Port Configuration Rules below.

Firewall and Port Configuration Rules

In order to send your device data to the cloud, SFx Desktop must be able to access these domains: *, *, and * over ports 8883 and 443.

You can use this table as a guide to configure the firewall rules for the computer that runs SFx Desktop:


These firewall rules must be applied to your company firewall policies as well. Contact your IT administrator for more information if needed.




Domains (if you need to control access to specific sites)



Configure Outgoing/Incoming rules to be Open to send immediate status to the cloud.


It's highly recommended to open port 8883 for the MQTT protocol for better user experience. If you prefer not to for some reason, we'll swap to the HTTPS (WebSocket) protocol automatically when SFx Desktop connects to the cloud.

* * *



Configure Outgoing/Incoming rules to be Open on 443 for SFx Desktop asset claiming.


This configuration is required on the first installation when the asset is connected to the cloud.

* * *