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Job Acceptance Rate

The Job Acceptance Rate is the percentage of jobs accepted by operators dividing the jobs completed during a time period by one or multiple part programs running on a machine tool.

Operators are able to input the number of acceptable jobs for each part program or for a whole shift (if set up) to calculate the Quality metric for a machine tool in a more accurate and controllable way. It is calculated using the following formula:

Quality = Acceptable jobs / Total jobs done

That is, the more complete the acceptable jobs you enter, the more accurate the Quality metric.

See OEE for details on each of the OEE metrics.


This feature is ONLY available for machine tools with PRO or PRO Trial subscriptions.

Enable the Enter Acceptance Option


ONLY asset administrators have permission to enable or disable this option.

  1. Log into the Asset Management portal with your asset admin account.

  2. Select a machine tool from the Asset Dashboard, and click Edit this Asset.

  3. Scroll down to the end of the Edit this Asset screen.

  4. Check the Calculate OEE for this asset option, and then click on the Quality tab. Then check both of the two options under the tab.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Click the asset name of the machine tool from the Asset Dashboard to go to the Asset Detail View. You'll see the Enter Acceptance link is shown up on the asset card.



    Hover over the link to see a tooltip.

Enter Acceptance Rate


Standard users could edit or input the number of acceptable jobs after an asset administrator enabled this function.

To enter the job acceptance rate for a whole shift, you need to set up a production schedule in which shifts are included for the asset firstly. See Creating a Schedule for details.Schedule Management


To check the shift associated with the current asset, see Modifying Asset Properties for details.

  1. Click the Enter Acceptance link on the Asset Detail View.

  2. Select a shift you want to edit from the Shifts list, and click on it.



    If you set up a production schedule that includes more than 7 shifts, scroll down within the Shifts area to view the complete shifts.

  3. Select a part program from the Programs list and click the Edit icon or the input box to enter the number of acceptable jobs into the Acceptable Jobs column.


    The number of acceptable jobs cannot exceed the number of completed jobs.

  4. Repeat Step 3 to edit the acceptable number for the rest of the programs until all programs in the shift are processed.

    You'll see the Acceptance Rate will be calculated automatically at the bottom left corner.

    • The number of Acceptable Jobs is the total sum added up by each of the numbers you entered for the part programs above.

    • Similarly, the number of Job Completed is the total sum added up by each number of jobs completed for each program.

    • Acceptance Rate = Acceptable Jobs / Job Completed

  5. Click Save.


    Please note once an acceptable number is entered into the input box and saved, the part program will disappear from the Programs list and you are not able to edit the value again.

If you prefer to enter the job acceptance rate for an individual part program, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the All outstanding jobs tab.

    Here displays all jobs completed for different programs but have not been accepted by operators yet.

  2. Select a time period from the time range.

  3. Find the part program you want to edit the acceptance rate for, and click the Edit icon or the input box to enter the acceptable number into the Acceptable Jobs column.

  4. Click Save.

After completion of entering acceptable jobs for part programs, check the OEE pane in the Asset Detail View. You'll see the Quality value is re-calculated based on your entered rate. You can switch to different time ranges by clicking on the Date selection button on the Utilization chart to check the corresponding Quality metric.