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HxGN | SFx Asset Management

Connecting an MTConnect Enabled Machine to SFx

  1. Sign in to your Nexus account, and download and install SFx Desktop.

    You can find the Downloads section in your User Menu in the upper right.

  2. Open SFx Desktop from the Windows Start menu after installation.

  3. On the home page of SFx Desktop, click Begin Tour on the pop-up Tour dialog.

  4. Select and click Machine Tool.

    • To browse the key features of Metrology Asset Manager, click Next.

    • To jump to the end of the tour, click Skip.

  5. On the Get Started screen (the final screen of the tour), mark the I agree to the End User License Agreement check box and then click Set up my asset(s).



    Click the End User License Agreement link to read the full text.

  6. You can now add machines. Click the + Add Agent button under the Agents list.

  7. Enter a name for your MTConnect agent (this is for your use to keep track of all agents connected).

  8. Enter the full address and port number of the MTConnect Agent.


    For some machines, this will be the IP Address for the machine/controller itself, and for other machines, this may be the address of the server that is running the MTConnect Agent software that is interpreting the machine’s protocol.

  9. Click the Save button.

  10. Your agent should now show in the list of Agents.

    If you have more agents to connect, follow the same steps and connect all agents before proceeding to the next step.

  11. With all agents connected, select one or multiple machines that you want to connect to your SFx account from the Available Machines list.

  12. Click Next.

  13. Edit the asset name if needed, and click Save.

  14. Sign in to your Nexus account.


    Your SFx Desktop and your assets are now connected to your SFx account.

  15. On the SFx Desktop screen below, you can see your assets in the list. Click View Online to visit the Asset Detail View with a new browser window.


    On the All My Assets screen, you can find all assets you've connected to your SFx account.

Consecutive Connecting

If you have connected an asset to your SFx account already, and would like to continue to connect another one, do as follows:

  1. Open SFx Desktop from the Windows Start menu or double-click the image12.png icon in your system tray.

  2. Click + to expand the dropdown list, and select the type of your asset. Here we select Machine Tool as an example.

  3. Repeat Step 7 - 16 as described above.