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HxGN | SFx Asset Management

Setting Up OEE

  • Set Up Availability.

    Assign a schedule to your asset to make sure Availability is calculated based on scheduled hours only. See Managing Production Schedules to set up schedules. If you do not assign a schedule to your asset, its Availability will be calculated based on a 24/7 schedule.

  • Set Up Performance.

    Set up the Ideal Execution Time for each program to calculate Performance correctly. It is recommended to create separate program documents for assets with different performance characteristics.

    • If you are using PC-DMIS version 2014.1 or higher and you do not set up Ideal Execution Time for a program, Performance for the program will be calculated using the actual execution time of the program after the first execution is completed. See Setting Up Performance for details on how to set up the Ideal Execution Time in PC-DMIS.

    • If you have set up an Ideal Execution Time for a program already, but you'd like to change it quickly, go to the detailed view of the program, and click the Edit icon next to the Ideal Execution Time. See Program Details - Part 6 for details.


      In this case, the newly modified value is used as the Ideal Execution Time (IET) to calculate OEE metrics. This change only affects the programs running after the timing when you edit the IET value.

  • Set Up Quality.

    No set-up is required to use Quality. If you are using a metrology software version that supports Quality, SFx Asset Management will automatically keep track of this metric.

Metrology Software Versions Required For OEE Components

OEE Component

Required Metrology Software Version


PC-DMIS 2012 or higher


PC-DMIS 2014.1 or higher


PC-DMIS 2019 R2 or higher


If any of the OEE component metrics is unavailable, the overall metric is calculated based on the available metrics.

Setting Up Performance


The instructions below apply to PC-DMIS versions 2014.1 and higher.

  1. Open a PC-DMIS program and make sure that Record and display execution time is checked.

    1. With a program open, press the F5 key or go to Edit > Preferences > Setup.

    2. Check the box on the General tab.

  2. Open the Mini Routines dialog and make sure the Update Execution Time and Show Execution Time options are both checked.

    1. Press Ctrl+Alt+M or navigate to File > Partial Execution > Mini Routines.

    2. Right-click on Entire Routine and make sure the two options are checked.

  3. Run the program all the way through at the recommended speed. This can be done by selecting Entire Routine and clicking the Execute button in the Mini Routines dialog.

  4. Now that the time is updated, un-check the Update Execution Time option in the Mini Routines dialog. This will “fix” the Ideal Execution Time for this program on this asset.



    An alternative method can be used to save some time if the Ideal Execution Time is known:

    1. Open the .MiniRoutines.xml file in the same folder as the program.

    2. Edit the following two important options in this .xml file:

      Time: this is the Ideal Execution Time.

      TimeUpdatable: this setting indicates that the Ideal Execution Time is “fixed” when it is set to “False”: