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HxGN SFx | Asset Management

Browsing OEE

By default, the OEE pane shows the average OEE of all your assets in the full last 24 hours. If a filter is applied in the Asset Dashboard, the OEE pane shows the average OEE of all filtered out assets.

When you go to the detailed view of an asset, the OEE pane displays the OEE evaluation result for the current asset in the last 24 hours.

To see the OEE result in a broader date range, click the image2.png icon in the Asset Utilization pane and specify the time setting. The OEE pane will automatically adapt to the time setting.


If any of the OEE component metrics are unavailable, indicated by the “-” sign, the overall metric is calculated based on the available metrics.

To customize the metrics and OEE charts displayed on the OEE pane, see OEE Customization Options for more details.


OEE is not available for the Lite subscription package and is not calculated for assets with Lite subscriptions. See Subscription Management for details about upgrading to the PRO subscription package.


Click on the image4.png icon next to the OEE to seek help on the explanation of each metric.