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HxGN SFx | Asset Management

Notification Management

With SFx Asset Management, you can subscribe to instant email or system notifications (for Windows 10 operating system only) when certain events occur on any asset or from any program.


The asset here refers to all types of assets that are currently compatible with SFx Asset Management, including portable assets, stationary assets, and auxiliary devices such as GPS Tag and wired and wireless Pulse sensors.

In addition, you can also subscribe to the analysis report for assets on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis by configuring the report subscription notifications. After configured, the asset report will be delivered to your mailbox at the expected time. See My Analytics for Assets for details.


Please note this feature is for PRO/PRO Trial assets only. Users can only subscribe to email notifications for assets with PRO subscriptions, and receive email notifications from assets with PRO subscriptions and programs running on assets with PRO subscriptions.

The Notification Setup page is comprised of two tabs: Asset Notifications (the default tab) and Program Notifications, which enable you to configure desired event notifications of specific assets and/or programs respectively.


The following table lists the icons indicating the notification subscribing status.




Indicates that no instant event notifications have been subscribed to for the asset or program.


Indicates that at least one event notification has been configured for the asset or program.


These bell-like icons at the top right corner of each asset or program card, as well as in the Event Log pane are clickable to quickly navigate you to the Notification Setup page.

This section below covers the following topics: