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HxGN | SFx Asset Management

Inviting New Users

As a Standard User or Asset Administrator, now you can easily invite new users to join your organization in the HxGN SFx platform by requesting approval from your Account Administrator.

To invite new users to your organization, do as follows:


Only a solution role, either Standard User or Asset Administrator, has permission to invite new users.

  1. Log into the Metrology Asset Manager Portal:

  2. Click on the image24.png icon at the top left corner of the Home page to open the My Solutions side pane which displays the thumbnails of all your subscribed solutions.

  3. Click on the Account Settings item at the bottom.

  4. You can find the Account Settings menu as follows:


    As a user that has a solution role, you can view only the user name, email account, and whether a user is assigned an SFx role (i.e., Account Administrator) in your organization from the Users list.

  5. In the Users menu, click on the Request User button in the upper right corner.

  6. In the Request User dialog, type in the new user's email and name, and select one or multiple solutions you want to add the user to.



    You can invite new users to only the solutions that you have already subscribed to.

  7. Click Done.

  8. Click +Add User to add more new users.



    • To edit the user info you added, hover over the row and click the Edit icon.

    • To delete the user you added, click the Delete icon.

  9. Click Send Request.

    A message pops up, indicating the request has been sent out successfully. Meanwhile, a notification email is sent out to all Account Administrators in your organization. You and new users should wait for approvals from your Account Administrators.