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HxGN | SFx Asset Management

Tracking Route History

SFx Asset Management can also help you track the recent movement paths of an asset through the GPS Tag associated with it to visualize its historical routes on the map on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.



When you purchase a GPS Tag and link it to your asset, you can view the complete route history of your asset for up to 1 month regardless of the subscription type of the asset.

The colored line with two ends represents the movement path of the asset within the selected time period. The gradually changing color acts as a directional arrow indicating the asset was moving from the starting point to the end.

  • The grey circle indicates the starting point of this route.

  • The blue circle with a halo indicates the end point, as well as the current geo-location of the asset.

Hovering over either of the two ends, you can see a tooltip indicating the timestamp, the current location, and the longitude and latitude. Similarly, hovering over each turning point in the line, an informational tooltip pop-ups as well. See the figure below.



  • The GPS Tag Last Update time indicates the last reported time of the Geo-location data.

  • To change the date range, switch to the This Week or This Month tab.