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GPS Tags

GPS add-on device ZT2x (also called GPS Tag) is a rechargeable battery-powered GPS location device that can be paired with assets such as portable Leica Absolute Trackers and portable arms in SFx Asset Management to visualize asset location on dashboards and send helpful geolocation change events. It can be installed in a shipping container or attached to a measurement machine depending on the required use case.

In addition, a GPS Tag can also be linked to a tracker probe, which is a type of auxiliary instrument for laser trackers, including Scanners, T-MACs, and T-Probes. After linking a GPS Tag to a probe, this probe owns all functionality of geo-location, such as linking or unlinking a GPS Tag, and route history on the map. As a probe is interchangeable between different trackers, trackers that use this probe for measurement tasks also display it in the probe list with the GPS menu available.

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