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HxGN | SFx Asset Management

Generating System Reports for Assets

SFx Asset Management allows you to generate an overall inventory report for each asset and export it in CSV format. The inventory report contains the following categories of asset data:

  • System — Includes the system data of the asset.

  • Controller — Includes the system data of the controller.

  • Axes — Includes the information of X, Y, and Z axes.

  • Software — Includes the system data of metrology software, such as PC-DMIS.

  • Sensors — Includes the data of various types of sensors installed on the asset.

  • Environmental Sensors — Includes the data of various types of environmental sensors, such as temperature sensors.

  1. Log into the SFx Asset Management Portal:

  2. Select the asset that you want to generate a system report in the Asset Dashboard, and then click the drop-down menu next to the asset name.

  3. Select System Report. The system report is generated with the creation timestamp attached.

  4. Click each tab to browse the collected asset data in detail.



    The colored sidebar displayed to the left side of each tab indicates the current status of each component, which keeps compliant with the Asset Status.

  5. Click the image2.png icon at the upper-right corner to export the system report to a .csv file.


Only a Pro asset’s system report can be exported to a .csv file.