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Program Types

From the type of asset on which a program has been executed, all programs can be divided into two kinds: measurement program and CNC program. A measurement program is usually executed on CMMs whereas a CNC program is performed on a machine tool.


Left: a measurement program / Right: a CNC program

Based on whether the full features of Programs View can be accessed or not, all programs could be categorized into two types: Smart Program and Non-smart Program.

The Programs View is a newly added module designed to record, analyze and demonstrate historical measurement or part processing data in a visual format.

The table below lists the key features of Programs View:




Programs Dashboard

Program Detail View – basic info, such as program name, last edit time, etc.

Monitoring measurement speed and program ideal performance %


Run history


Run detail and dimensional details


Program records in Programs Executed table


Performance and quality charts


Program event log


Export program executed data


Export program run history records


Program-specific notifications



  • √ : Indicates a feature is available and complete.

  • × : Indicates a feature is unavailable.

  • ^ : Indicates a feature is available but not complete.

Simply put, a program running on an asset with a PRO subscription is called a smart program while a program running on a Lite asset is a non-smart program. A smart program has access to all the basic and advanced features while a non-smart program can only access the basic features listed.


This is not a formal definition but a temporary category for your understanding because a program can run on various types of assets multiple times as needed, and can be transformed from a non-smart program to a smart program.


Left: A Smart Program in Program Detail View / Right: A Non-smart Program in Program Detail View

As you can see from the figures above, a non-smart program has the following limitations compared with a smart program:

  • Have no access to program run history and executed program records.

  • 24 hours of data retention for program event logs.

  • Do not support the monitoring of program speed and program ideal performance.

  • Do not support viewing run detail and dimensional details, and performance and quality charts of an individual program.

  • Do not support the exporting of program executed data and program run history records.


The prerequisites of using the full features of Programs View are listed below:

  • Get an authorized account and password of the SFx Asset Management web application

  • Subscribed to a PRO package for your asset

  • Installed the required metrology software on the host machine, such as PC-DMIS 2018 R2 or later

  • Installed the latest SFx Desktop (V 3.11.15 or higher) on your computer and enabled the PC-DMIS Edge Client, a core component built in the SFx Desktop

  • The program is not deleted yet from the Programs list