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HxGN SFx | Asset Management

Browsing Portable Arms in Dashboard

As portable measuring equipment, portable arms and laser trackers have many similarities but also differences, when browsing portable arms on the Asset Dashboard under the mixed mode, you can see the following differences comparing arms with laser trackers. See Browsing Laser Trackers in Dashboard for details on trackers.


Left: Laser Tracker / Right: Arm






Sensor Icon

For an arm, there are only two sensor icons in the Card View and Table View.


You can click the icon of a sensor type to show its corresponding chart in the Asset Detail View.



Sensor Status

An arm has an exclusive sensor status, IP54 status.


See Sensor Status for details.



Dropdown Menu

For an arm, there is no Compensations menu item in the dropdown menu.


Utilization Chart

SFx Asset Management provides you with three types of bar charts to browse the utilization of arms from different perspectives:

  • Utilization Over Time

  • Utilization Summary

  • Cumulative Time By Status

The utilization reflected in the Utilization charts is calculated based on the cumulative time of each operational status for each arm within a specified time span, including:

  • Operating Status— Indicates the arm is operating.

  • Idle Status — Indicates the arm is idle.

  • Error Status — Indicates an error occurs in the arm.

  • Unknown Status — Indicates an arm has disconnected from the cloud.

See Browsing Asset Utilization for more information on asset utilization.

Event Log Pane

You can keep track of all events relevant to arms with the following three event levels:

  • Critical status

  • Warning status

  • Info status

The data source for all events associated with arms is Asset. Select Asset from the event source list to filter out various levels of events on arms, mainly including arm events and arm sensor events.

See Browsing Asset Events for details of asset events.


You can click on the event icon, event title, or event description to browse event details in a pop-up dialog.

OEE Pane

By default, Availability is calculated for arms based on operational status and the production schedule associated with an arm. With metrology software used in conjunction with arms, Performance and Quality are also calculated.

See OEE for details.

To customize the metrics and OEE charts displayed on the OEE pane, see OEE Customization Options for details.