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Downloading a Service Certificate

A service certificate is a document that specifies the accurate previous work or after certain service activities for a device. It is issued by Hexagon to help you ensure that a measuring device is within the given specification and guarantee its process reliability.

Currently, a service certificate is issued in paper form and on a USB stick, which is enclosed with a device. Now Hexagon introduces the digital service certificate that contains all the information and provides a visual display of a service certificate.


A calibration certificate sample for a laser tracker AT930

You can preview and download service certificates of portable assets and Probes in PDF format when these documents are available in SFx Asset Management.


If you send a device such as laser trackers or Probes to Hexagon Service for recertification, you will receive a new set of certificates.

To preview and download a service certificate, do as follows:

  1. Log in to the SFx Asset Management portal:

    For the EU site:

  2. In the Asset Dashboard, select a laser tracker that you want to check.

  3. Next to the asset name, click Service Info from the drop-down menu.

  4. In the Service Info dialog, find the certificate and click the link to open it in PDF format in a new browser tab.


    In this dialog, you can find all certificates related to this laser tracker, including tracker certificates, probe certificates, and scanner certificates.


    If you don't find any certificate in the Service Info dialog, click Contact Service to ask Hexagon Service to upload certificates. You can view it when it's available.

  5. Click the Download icon in the top right.

  6. Select a destination folder on your local disk, and click Save.


To check the certification status of each asset, see Certification Status.