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HxGN | SFx Asset Management

Table View

Table View displays each asset in a table row. The image13.png icon shown at the front of a row indicates the current asset has not been assigned to a PRO subscription key. When you click an asset name, you will be navigated to the detailed view of the asset.


Each row is collapsed by default. Click the image8.png icon in front of each row to expand it for browsing more properties of an asset, such as the asset image, real-time status, serial number, and controller. To collapse the row again, click the image9.png icon.



The battery icon behind the Location indicates the current battery level of the GPS Tag which has been linked to the tracker. To read the accurate value, you can hover over the icon. When the battery level is less than 20%, the icon becomes red.

Compared with Card View, Table View uses less space, which makes it easier to compare and sort multiple assets without dragging the scrolling bar up and down.

To switch back to Card View, click the image11.png icon at the upper-right corner of the Asset Dashboard.

Limiting Maximum Assets per Page

If you have multiple assets aggregated on the Asset Dashboard, you can reduce the displayed assets by limiting the maximum number of assets displayed per page. Thus, you can locate an asset more efficiently by navigating fewer pages.