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HxGN | SFx Asset Management

Card View

The Card View displays each asset in a widget of the same size. The Lite keyword shown at the upper-left corner of a widget indicates the current asset has not been assigned to a PRO subscription key. When you click a widget, you will be navigated to the detailed view of an asset. See Browsing an Asset in Detail for more information.


Each widget can be flipped to show the Utilization Summary. To flip a widget, complete the following steps.

  1. Point to the lower-right edge of a widget. The flipping area appears.

  2. Click a location within the rectangular flipping area.


    The widget is flipped and shows asset utilization as follows:


To turn back to the front side of the widget, click the flipping area again.


When hovering your cursor over the utilization circle, you’ll see a tooltip indicating the cumulative time percentage of each operational status of the asset. For instance,


Compared with Table View, Card View shows each asset‘s properties in an expanded space, such as asset image and the real-time status. See Asset Details for details. Moreover, Card View has a better visual appearance than Table View.

To switch to Table View, click the image5.png icon at the upper-right corner of the Asset Dashboard.