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HxGN | SFx Asset Management

Sensor Status

The following table lists the icons of different types of environmental sensors installed on an asset.


These environmental sensors refer to sensors plugged in and work with Pulse, an environmental monitoring system.

Sensor Type



image56.png image57.png image58.png image59.png


image60.png image61.png image62.png image63.png

Air Pressure

image64.png image65.png image66.png image67.png


image68.png image69.png image70.png image71.png


image72.png image73.png image74.png image75.png


image76.png image77.png image78.png image79.png

The background color indicates the current status of the sensor.

  • Green indicates the sensor is normal.

  • Yellow indicates the sensor has detected a warning message.

  • Red indicates the sensor has detected an error message.

  • Grey indicates the sensor has lost its connection with the cloud.

For a CMM that does not have Pulse installed but has internal axial temperature sensors, there is a temperature icon displaying in the Asset Dashboard.


Similarly, different background colors indicate different sensor statuses.

  • Green – Indicates the CMM is connected to the cloud.

  • Grey – Indicates the CMM is disconnected from the cloud.

  • Invisible – Indicates the CMM has neither Pulse installed nor internal axial temperature sensors.


You can click the icon of a sensor type in the Asset Dashboard to show its corresponding line chart in the Sensors pane. See Sensor Monitoring Chart for details.