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HxGN | SFx Asset Management

Asset Status

The following table describes the icons that indicate the real-time status of an asset.




The asset is operating a measurement program and is moving on.


The asset is waiting to execute a measurement program and is not moving.

This status appears when the program has been paused manually or the program waits for an operator’s input.


The asset is idle.

This status appears usually when the asset completes a measurement program or a measurement program is canceled on the asset.

In another situation, if an asset remains in the waiting state for a specified time (the default value is 5 minutes), then the asset status becomes Idle. See Configuring Time for Waiting for details.Configuring Time for Waiting


The asset is executing a program and has occurred an error.


The asset status is unknown.


The asset has lost connections with the cloud.


Indicates no instant event notifications have been subscribed for the asset.


Indicates at least one event notification has been configured for the asset.

An association relationship is established between the running asset and the executing program.


Overall Status

A colored sidebar displayed to the left side of each asset widget indicates the overall health status of each asset.

  • A green bar indicates the asset is operating and healthy.

  • A yellow bar indicates the asset is idle or at least one warning event has occurred.

  • A red bar indicates a critical event has occurred on the asset.

  • A grey bar indicates the asset has lost connection with the cloud.


The following circumstances may cause an asset disconnected from the cloud.

  • The current asset has lost its connection to a central gateway or the Internet.

  • The host machine that accommodates SFx Desktop has been shut down or the SFxConnector service installed on the host machine has been stopped or uninstalled.

  • If all assets lose connections with the cloud, a wide range of network issues may have occurred.