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HxGN | SFx Asset Management

Asset Details

The following figures illustrate the asset properties shown at each marked part of the Asset Dashboard when you browse an asset in the detailed view.


Left: An Asset with a Lite Subscription / Right: An Asset with a PRO Subscription




The subscription type. See Subscription Types for details.


The real-time status of the asset. See Asset Status for details.


You can click the icon to show its utilization chart in the utilization pane. See the Utilization Chart for details.


The asset name.


The drop-down function menus for assets, including browsing and editing the generic asset information, editing and deleting assets, and generating a system report.


The asset model type.


The asset location and plant name.


The asset image. SFx Asset Management offers a built-in image for each supported model type to help you learn its physical appearance. See Supported Model Types for details.


The status of environmental sensors installed on the asset. See Sensor Status for details.


You can click the icon of a sensor type to show its corresponding monitoring chart under the utilization pane. See Sensor Monitoring Chart for details.


A color sidebar to address assets in different states. See Asset Status for details.


The certification status of the asset. See Certification Status for details.


A notification icon to show whether the user has subscribed to any event notifications about the asset. See Notification Management for details.


The program information. If a program is currently running on an asset with a PRO subscription, this area shows the program name, cumulative execution time (run time), program start time, measurement speed, and program progress.


  1. The progress bar dynamically indicates the progressing percentage of the current run time with a triangle marker at the right side showing the ideal execution time. Once the run time of a program exceeds the ideal execution time, a red portion is displayed at the end of the progress bar.

  2. Measurement Speed is a fixed metric sent by compatible asset controllers. When a program is active on an asset, the speed metric reflects the setting of the speed dial on the jog box with a value between 0 and 100. If an asset does not have a compatible controller, then the speed metric displays a null value and the chart is dark with a dash. See the following illustrated figures.

    • image18.png Measurement Speed = null;

    • image19.png Measurement Speed = 0;

    • image20.png Measurement Speed = 80;

    • image21.png Measurement Speed = 100.


You can click the Upgrade to PRO button in the Detail View of a Lite asset to request a quote for PRO subscriptions or try out PRO Trial subscriptions for free. See Subscription Management for details.