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HxGN | SFx Asset Management

Program Run History

SFx Asset Management allows you to view the history of completed and canceled execution records of a program in the Run History pane. The run history information includes the program start time, the name of the asset that the program ran on, the measurement result, associated events, and the total execution time. This table is displayed in descending order by the run date by default.


After you select and click a run record of a program in the Run History pane, the measured dimension result of the program is refreshed and demonstrated in the Run Detail pane. By default, the dimension details of the first record are displayed. See Program Run Detail for more information.

Also, you can click on the image23.png icon to export the run history records of a program within a specified period to a CSV file. Click the Date Selection in the upper-right corner to change the time range of the program run history records.


Only the run history of a program that has been executed on a PRO asset is available. The execution records of a program that ran on Lite assets would be invisible in the program Run History table. In addition, a blue featherlike icon is shown next to the asset name to visually indicate a Lite asset. If you want to view the complete run records, please upgrade your assets to PRO assets.


  • The Run History table is refreshed automatically per minute.

  • Click the down arrow next to each header in the table to sort data in descending or ascending order. Especially, you can filter out desired execution records by the asset name (Run on Asset) or measurement result (Pass/Fail).

  • You can press the Arrow Up or Down key on your keyboard to move among these run history records and browse corresponding run details.

To browse the programs that have been executed on a single asset, see Program Executed for details.

The following table lists the description of each field.



Run Date

The specific time that the program starts running.

Run on Asset

The asset name on which the program runs.


A program can simultaneously run on multiple assets.

Pass / Fail

The measurement result of the program.

Pass – The program completes the measurement of all intended features and the measurement values are in-tolerance.

Fail – The program completes the measurement of all intended features and at least one measurement value is out of tolerance.

N/A – The program completes the measurement of all intended features but the measurement values are unavailable.

Did not complete – The program has been canceled.

Associated Events

Displays associated Critical and Warning events that occurred on the asset during a program run execution. See Associated Events for details.

Execution Time

The time that the program takes to finish the measurements.

Associated Events

The Associated Events column displays how many Critical or Warning events occurred on the asset that the program ran on during a program run execution, and provides you with event details even if the measurement result is Pass.

These asset events include Critical or Warning events from the following data sources:



  • The number indicates the total number of Critical and Warning events that occurred on the asset during the program run execution.

  • Hover over the link to see the snapshot of associated alert events.

  • Click the link to open the associated event details.


In the detailed event pop-up, on the left is the basic asset and program information, and the list of the associated alert events is on the right.


  • Click the event category link (for example, 1 Critical) to sort the events from Critical to Warning.

  • Click the icon, title, or description of any event to open the Event Info pop-up. See Event Log Pane for more information.