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HxGN SFx | Asset Management

Program Run Detail

The program Run Detail pane consists of two parts:


This pane is only available to the executions of a program that ran on assets with PRO subscriptions. If a program is running on an asset with a Lite subscription, which is labeled with a blue feather icon next to the asset name in the Run History table, then the Run Detail, as well as the Performance and Quality charts are both invisible.

Run Detail

The Run Detail pane shows the measurement result of each execution for a program in detail, including


To show the dimensional data in SFx Asset Management, you must enable the option of transmission of Dimensional Data in SFx Desktop. See Opting-in to Dimensional Data for details.

Dimension Summary


The Dimension Summary area displays a summary of the measurement result, including:

  • The program name and execution timestamp

  • The bar chart indicates the total features that are measured by the program

    • The number shown in green indicates the features of which measured value is in-tolerance

    • The number shown in red indicates the features of which measured value is out of tolerance

Dimension Detail


The Dimension Detail area displays the dimension data of each measured feature, including:

  1. The Dimension name

  2. The Deviation value

    • The value shown in green indicates the measured value is in-tolerance.

    • The value shown in red indicates the measured value is out of tolerance no matter it has a positive or negative deviation.


    When a Calculation Error occurs in PC-DMIS, the measured result of a feature will be marked as ERROR under the Deviation column, which is treated the same as out of tolerance. For instance,

  3. The OOT (Out of Tolerance) indication

    • A green dot indicates the measured value is in-tolerance.

    • A red dot indicates the measured value is out of tolerance.


Click the table header of Deviation to order dimensions by deviation values from out of tolerance to in tolerance, or on the contrary.

Performance and Quality

Click the dropdown menu next to the Run Detail and select the second item to open the Performance and Quality charts.


By default, Performance and Quality metrics in the last 24 hours are computed for the current program. Each metric is defined as follows:

  • Performance = (Programs Executed X Ideal Execution Time) / Operating Time

  • Quality = Programs Successfully Executed / Total Programs Executed

Performance and Quality metrics are calculated based on the program executions displaying in the Run History table over a specified time range (1D, 1W, 1M, or Custom). See OEE for details on these two metrics.

  • Operating Time refers to the cumulative total of the execution time of all programs.

  • Program Successfully Executed includes programs that have been completed with a measurement result of Pass, Fail, or N/A.

  • Total Programs Executed contains all of the programs that have been completed and canceled.


  • Hover over either of the charts to see the calculation expression of the metric.

  • To change the time range of the charts, click the calendar icon at the upper-right of the Run History table, and select 1W1M, or Custom.