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HxGN SFx | Asset Management

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SFx Asset management helps you monitor the working conditions of critical arm sensors as well as the connection status and IP54 compliance of the arm.

There are three aspects of metrics in the tab list.


This chart displays the temperature changes over time detected by built-in temperature sensors in an arm. By default, the last 24 hours of data points (1D view) will be displayed in the line chart.


The horizontal axis is the time span that is adjustable, and the vertical axis is the temperature value. Hover over any point of the curve, you can read the precise value of the point. Two yellow dash lines are predefined as the normal working range (0℃~40℃) and two red dash lines are defined as critical thresholds (-10℃~60℃) for internal temperatures.

  • When the temperature value exceeds the normal range but is still within critical thresholds, then the dot is marked as Warning in yellow.

  • When the temperature value exceeds critical thresholds, the dot is marked as Critical in red.

  • Otherwise, it is marked as OK in green, which indicates the temperature value falls in the normal range.

Meanwhile, you can get relevant event alerts in the Event Log pane when a temperature value hits the warning or critical line. You can also set up to receive notification emails. See Notification Management for details.

To switch to the 1-Week view or 1-Month view, click the Date selection icon at the upper right corner. See the figure below for the 1W view.


Data points more than one day will be displayed in bar charts with three values:

  • Max Temp — The maximum temperature value monitored during a day.

  • Min Temp — The minimum temperature value monitored during a day.

  • Ave Temp — The average temperature value monitored during a day. It is calculated by the average value of all the data points captured in a day.

Each bar chart indicates the aggregated temperature values monitored during a day, including Max, Min, and Avg values. Similarly, when a value is located in the tolerable area rendered in green background, it will be marked green; otherwise, it will be marked yellow or red, which means the result is out of tolerance.

Hovering over any bar in the chart, you can read the accurate temperature values on that day, including Max temp, Min temp, and Avg temp values.


  • You can also specify a time range of up to 30 days to check the temperature changes from the CUSTOM view.

  • Click on the image4.png icon to download each of the charts as an image in .png format.


This chart displays the power supply level of the main power and the power usage of external batteries connected to an arm over time.

See Power Supply and Power Supply Status for details.

This chart contains two bar charts:

  • Connection Status: Displays the historical connection status of the asset over time, indicated by four operational statuses: Operating, Idle, Error, and Unknown. See Asset Status for details.

  • IP54 Status: Shows the historical IP54 compliance of the asset and its accessories over time. See Sensor Status for details.