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HxGN SFx | Asset Management

Asset Probes for Portable Arms

Probe Types

The asset probes compatible with portable arms can be divided into two types:

  • Contact and Non-contact Probes

    • Touch probes

    • Tube probes

    • Tip probes

  • Non-contact 3D Scanners

    • Laser scanners

    • Area scanners

    • External scanners

Below is the catalog of probes and scanners compatible with supported portable arms.




Touch probe




Extension Probe


Angle Probe


Tube probe


Tip probe


Laser scanner (RS6 / AS1)


Laser scanner (RS5)


Laser scanner (HP-L-20.8)


Laser scanner (HP-L-8.9)


Area scanner (RS-SQUARED)


External scanner

Do as follows to enter the Probes Dashboard:

  1. Go to the Asset Dashboard and select an absolute arm.

  2. Click on the drop-down menu next to the arm name, then click on the Probes item.


    Alternatively, you can also go to the Asset Detail View, then click on the drop-down menu and select the Probes item, or you can click on the probe icon on the Controller Pane in the Asset Detail View to go to the Probes Dashboard.

When a new probe is added for an arm in the RDS software, the corresponding probe list will be updated accordingly in SFx Asset Management.


The Probes Dashboard is comprised of two main sections, including

  • Probes Dashboard

  • Probe Details

The Probes Dashboard lists all probes and scanners available for the current arm in Card View (see the figure above). All of the two types of probes are displayed in a mixed view and ordered by the probe status (Green → Yellow → Red) by default, indicated by the sidebar of each probe card.

On the right pane is the Probe Details of the selected probe or scanner.

For a probe, the following properties are displayed:

  • Probe name

  • Probe type

  • Tip diameter

  • Date of the last alignment

  • Serial No. / Probe ID

  • Alignment status

For a scanner, an additional property is displayed apart from the properties of a probe:

  • Firmware version


A scanner has no Tip diameter property.


  • The colored sidebar displayed to the left side of each probe card reflects the overall status of each probe. See Probe Overall Status for details.

  • The active probe is highlighted with a blue background. If no probe is being used currently, then the first one will be displayed by default.

  • You can click on the card widget of any probe to view its details on the Probe Details pane.

  • Click on the breadcrumb at the top to quickly navigate to the Asset Detail View or the Home page.

A colored sidebar displayed to the left side of each probe card indicates the overall status of each probe at a glance.

  • A green bar indicates the probe or scanner is aligned and being used.


    With this status, the probe card is usually selected and highlighted with a blue background.

  • A yellow bar indicates the probe or scanner is aligned and ready to use.

  • A red bar indicates the probe or scanner is not aligned and cannot be used for measuring temporarily.