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HxGN SFx | Asset Management

Sensor Status for Laser Trackers

SFx Asset Management displays the icons of internal tracker sensors in the Table View and Card View to indicate the real-time sensor statuses at a glance in the Asset Dashboard, including

The table below lists the icons of different types of internal tracker sensors.

Sensor Type


Meteo Station (Internal sensor reading)


Meteo Station (External sensor reading)


Meteo Station (Hand-entered reading)


Drift Monitoring


Power Supply (AC)


Power Supply (Battery)


As you see in the table above, the different background colors of a sensor icon represent different sensor statuses.

  • Green indicates OK status, which means the sensor is working properly, and the monitoring data is within the normal range.

  • Yellow indicates Warning status, which means the sensor has detected a warning event.

  • Red indicates Critical status, which means the sensor has detected a critical event or an error.

  • Grey indicates Unknown status, which means the sensor has lost connection with the cloud, and no data has been readout.

Sensor Status in Card View


Sensor Status in Table View



  • While hovering over any sensor icon, you can read the detailed sensor status.

  • You can click on the icon of a sensor type in the Asset Dashboard to go to the corresponding chart in the detailed view. See Browsing a Tracker in Detail for details.