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HxGN | SFx Asset Management

Browsing a Laser Tracker in Detail

SFx Asset Management enables you to focus on an individual laser tracker and dive into its details to check the health status of mounted accessories and visualize multiple data points with dedicated charts.

The detailed view of a laser tracker is comprised of four sub-sections:

Asset Dashboard

The detailed view of a laser tracker in the dashboard is divided into two sections: on the left side is the basic information of the tracker and on the right is the main screen of the tracker controller. See Asset Details about Laser Tracker for details.


Navigation Pane

Click the image2.png icon to expand the navigation pane for a quick tile view. All assets in your organization are listed in the navigation pane. Click on another asset tile to navigate to its detailed view.

Multi-dimensional Charts

The multi-dimensional charts of a laser tracker consist of 6 aspects of metrics streamed from the tracker controller, including

  • Meteo Station — Visualizes Air- and Object Temperatures, Air Pressure, and Relative Humidity.

  • Drift Monitoring — Indicates the current drift changes of a tracker employing level and level monitoring sensors.

  • Power Supply — Shows the power level and health status of the power source.

  • Sleep Schedule — Displays the work schedule of a Laser visually on a daily or weekly basis.

  • Sensor Checks — Gives access to all performed sensor check results of a laser tracker.

  • Fields Checks — Gives access to all performed field check results of a laser tracker.

See Browsing Tracker Charts for details.

Event Log Pane

The Event Log pane displays the events relevant to the current laser tracker in chronological order. The latest event appears at the top.



In the detailed view, an asset with a Lite subscription shows the events and data points in multi-dimensional charts only within the last 24 hours. See Subscription Types for more information.